Business Model Generation (BMG) Workshop Brief


The successful launch and market adoption of a product depends on the creation of a robust business model which requires strategic thinking by considering various business model generation methodologies. BMG workshop focuses on a number of powerful and effective approaches (such as canvas approach, customer profiling, visual thinking etc.) which help with the synthesis of a customer-focused business model. The key objective of this workshop is to share contemporary thinking about the design and development of a business model that is market centric and cost effective. The BMG will be a hands-on workshop that will go through practical and innovative techniques that are used by world's leading companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Skype. The participants will learn, through active engagement, how to systematically understand, design and implement new business models or to analyze and renovate old ones.

Topics to be covered

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop, participants should be able to:

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, Executives, Business Consultants, Innovators, Product Developers, Marketers, Researchers, Academics and Other Professionals that are involved in product development, product launch, product positioning and branding activities.


Venue & Dates

AMAN-CED, IBA Main Campus, University Road Karachi on 18 & 19 August, 2017

Investment: Rs. 35,000/Participant

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