Dhamal Group

Dhamal Group

DHAMAL Group was formed on the basis of a partnership between 5 women who attended the Business Incubation Program for Women Home-based Workers. This partnership took place in the premises of the IBA Main Campus where 5 aspiring women entrepreneurs decided to take a leap of faith and start their own Beauty Salon.

Dania Zahid, Hina Khan, Quratulain Ashfaq, Mehreen Bano, and Lubna Durrani are the key founders of the DHAMAL group and also the support system to not only their new business but to each other. These women knew each other from before but they admit that coming to IBA and working in a group setting has helped them become much closer than mere acquaintances.

The business aims to start up a mobile beauty salon which means that their beauty services are now just one call away. For a start, the group only aims to target females residing in the areas of North Karachi and North Nazimabad however, the salon would be further formalized by taking up a rental space and bringing in more staff into the organizational hierarchy with time. Their customer segments comprise of housewives, working women as well as brides and their families and the group plans to market their beauty services and products through SMS, Facebook, exhibitions, visiting cards etc.

Hina Khan, one of the DHAMAL group member states:

'There are no competitors of our beauty services specifically in our area, which is an advantage to our business for now. However, in the future, it is better to have more competitors in our area so that a competitive environment can be encouraged and all the beauty salons compete with each other for superior customer service and experience.'

DHAMAL group not only aims to generate clients by offering beauty services but also plans to diversify and attract clients based on a variety of their herbal products such as wax, herbal oil and shampoo that will complement their salon's revenue streams. Two of their products have already been developed and ready for the market while their shampoo is still in its formulation phase.

When asked about the birth of the DHAMAL group, Quratulain Ashfaq replies:

'The first thing that we realized as soon as we joined the program was that we had no team. We had to come up with a team that believed in each other and became a support system for the business especially when it is in its survival stage. We five knew each other from Vocational Training Institute Buffer-zone and had similar skills so it made sense for us to start a business together.'

Before coming to IBA, the DHAMAL group did not have any developed products but during the program, they formed their team and finalized the product idea. The initial platform for their herbal products was the CED Bazaar where they displayed their products for the very first time and got feedback from prospective clients. Next step for the DHAMAL group is to set up a website where they can sell their herbal products and take part in various beautician trainings so that they could deliver newer products and services. This training program also helped the group handle internal business matters such as accounting for various expenditures and recording the depreciation for the salon's equipment in order to ensure profitability.