Fraud Risk Management and Data & Cyber Security


Risk ESPECIALLY FRAUD RISK CANNOT be eliminated and can only Accepted, Avoided, Reduced or Transfer and the ironies are:

This unique program entails deliberation of different schemes that perpetrators hatch and how easily the FRAUD could have been uncovered but we choose to ignore it.

As appointed Gatekeepers of Companies, we have a Fiduciary Duty to ask Management the Questions with regards to the management of risks especially in the areas of Data Privacy and Security. It affects all Companies whether Big or Small.

There are several reasons for spending money, time and effort on Data Privacy and Security. The primary one is minimizing Financial Loss, followed by compliance with regulatory requirements, maintaining high levels of productivity and meeting customer expectations. Another important business driver for data protection is the recent spate of Regulations. Government throughout the world have begun imposing new regulations on the electronic communications and stored data. Businesses face dire consequence for noncompliance. Finally, the Loss of Productivity as a result of data breach.



Who should attend

Date and Time: 11 & 12 August, 2017 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Workshop Fee: PKR 45,000 per person

Venue: Aman-CED building, Main Campus, IBA Karachi

Registration Process

Sanjeev Gathani-Profile

Sanjeev's experience spans across the APAC Region having worked in several Blue Chip Companies and Countries. Industries covered but not limited to: FMCG, Automotive, Property Development & Estate Management, Semi-Conductor, Hospitality, Plantations and Manufacturing.

Developed and delivered workshops on Governance, Risk & Compliance in several ASEAN Countries and also invited by Institutions of Higher Learning to give lectures on their faculty and students.

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