Omaima Noor

Omaima Noor, aged 20, was always known in her friends and family for her artistic flair. However, she never thought that she could make revenue by simply pouring her heart out into paintings.

The launch of her very first paintings and art work business was on the CED Bazaar where she managed to sell paintings for up to Rs. 3500/each. This is a huge achievement for her considering the fact that she used to initially give away her paintings for as low as Rs. 500 to her friends and family. CED Bazaar gave her an exposure to the real market where she got to know more about what art work sells and what does not.

Omaima is set to convert her passion into a full-scale business as she has started using social media to gather trends of people's likes/dislikes and develops and reforms ideas that she gets off the internet. For her, the entrepreneurial concept of Bird-in-Hand has transformed her ideology towards doing business as she states:

'For me, the Bird-in-Hand principle has been of immense importance. I used to think anybody starting a business must have loads of capital to begin it with or a hefty amount of bank loan that may be required but after the first 2 classes, my mindset was completely different. My perspective about doing business changed and that too, in a positive manner.'

Omaima has been sketching and painting since a very early age but her new view to business has made her prone to getting newer ideas for her art work. She now feels that her young business needs to branch out in the fabric painting arena as it is a promising business opportunity. Omaima envisions herself going global with her art and paints/sketches whatever happens in her surroundings- a factor that makes her art much more relatable.

Her advice to young entrepreneurs is to take their business one step at a time. Omaima thinks that the most successful businesses start off with small and later grow by observing market needs and trends that take place in their relevant target market. Hopefully, Omaima will offer her valuable entrepreneurial teachings from the program to Vocational Training Institute (Buffer zone) where she has been offered to teach sketching for this summer.