Sarwat Ahmed

Sarwat Ahmed is a housewife who earns for her family by providing stitching and tailoring services to customers in her neighborhood and from friends and family. She has been stitching from home since the past 12 years and her main source of income has come from clients who give her bulk orders on occasions such as weddings, Eid etc.

Due to Sarwat's impeccable designing and tailored clothes, she soon won a lot of customers from the nearby areas and her customers would often recommend her to their friends and family thus, leading to a huge influx of customers requiring her services.

Sarwat's initial skill inventory composed of dress-making, stitching and recycling clothes-meaning that she could use old dresses to design new ones according to current trends and now, she is proud to add business management as an additional feather on her hat. Sarwat learned to develop her very own business Facebook page and properly manage social media after she joined the Business Incubation Program for Women Home-based Workers which has helped her recognize a new market that she can tap into.

Sarwat during her 12 years in stitching failed to account for certain costs that incurred in her business because she often went into losses which is she did not account for. Therefore, she has now increased her prices to account for all the costs that she incurs. Her revenues have significantly improved because of this and so have her customers. Before joining the program, she had 10-15 loyal customer base but through the program, she has access to more women that require her tailoring services.

Sarwat has also stepped into the trading business with a few of her friends where she buys ready-made garments and sells them at an added price point. She aims to use her Facebook page to market this and thus, social media marketing has been an essential component that she has learnt.

Sarwat expected to make customers, build her confidence and create long-lasting networks from the program, which she successfully did. She aims to earn enough revenue to open her own boutique someday which seems highly likely by the success she has made so far.