Tayyaba Parvez

Tayyaba Parvez

Tayyaba belongs to a family of 3 sisters and a 1 brother and recently completed her Diploma in garments and beauty services from the Vocational Training Institute (Buffer zone). She is one of the youngest participants that joined the Business Incubation Program for Women Home-based Workers for her entrepreneurial training and has sensed her business going through a serious transformation after the completion of the program.

Although Tayyaba's skills set allowed her to become an apparel designer or a beautician, she decided to follow her passion to create a variety of bangles that consist of different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. She learnt to make bangles by watching YouTube tutorials and DIY crafts videos. Tayyaba not only used her skills to gift her friends and family a colorful set of bangles but decided to convert it into a full-scale business.

After completing her diploma, she decided to formalize her entrepreneurial venture and admits that the program has been a significant source of direction for her. She says:

'I knew that I had the creativity and enthusiasm to run my own business but I did not know how. I decided to apply for the program and got selected. It was amazing to listen to a fresh approach towards entrepreneurship and business. I got the direction that I was looking for.'

Tayyaba soon realized that she needed to revamp her business and create additional sources of revenue for her business if she needed to survive. She started using the marketing channels that she learnt in her marketing classes, she priced her bangles a little higher to account for her time and effort and also tried to diversify by selling imported jeans along with her bangles. In her words, she has become more 'entrepreneurial'.

Now, Tayyaba feels that launching a new product has become easier now that she has learnt social media marketing and has the knowledge of how a business can effectively target their core customer segments. Her trading business is also doing well because most of them are sold in her friends/family as soon as she purchases them, just like hot cakes.

She believes that the program has not only given her direction of her next steps towards her business but also bestowed her with a circle of friends that help and guide her in times of distress. She feels that she can now focus better on her business when she realized that there are a lot of other strong women who have successfully created a sustainable business venture.

As of now, Tayyaba is waiting for a response from the Sheops team so she could sell through their online platform. Her next target would be other exhibitions where she could display her products and gain a new customer base.