May 19, 2017: Workshop on Systematic Literature Review (SLR) at IBA AMAN-CED conducted by Dr. Irfan Butt  

Irfan Butt has been teaching at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) since January 2012. Prior to joining SQU, he was associated with Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan, where he also served as Director Research. He has published research articles in international journals and proceedings and presented papers at a number of international conferences. Dr. Irfan conducted a workshop here at IBA-CED and interacted with the faculty members of AMAN CED. He started the session by highlighting the significance of SLR in contemporary research. He elaborated the process of conducting SLR. He also discussed the fundamental factors which good papers should contain to be published in A* or A journal. These factors included the quality of research question(s), contribution to literature, solid theoretical foundation and conceptual framework, methodology, and clarity in writing.   More

    Jun 2, 2017: Force Field Workshop Conducted by Syed Hussain Haider at IBA CED  

Force field analysis is a tool developed by Kurt Lewin and is applied in decision making, particularly in planning and implementing change. With this, a workshop was conducted in IBA CED on Friday 2nd June 2017. Mr. Syed Hussain Haider again was on the soils of IBA as an instructor. Mr. Haider explained it as a comprehensive model which can be used to develop an action plan to implement change. He elaborated the holistic view and analyzed all of the forces impacting the decisions including forces that help achieve the change, called "driving forces” and forces that work against the change, called "restraining forces." He emphasised that Change only occurs through the process of unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. He later explained the process of carrying out a force field analysis in detail. The initiation begins with a well-defined goal or decisions to be implemented before drawing a force field diagram.   More

    May 27, 2017: CIE participants Visited Agricultural farm  

The development of agri enterprises is a key factor to promote entrepreneurial development in Pakistan. In continuity with this objective, a field trip of CIE students was arranged on 27th May 2017. The participants were very excited and their journey began at around 10 in the morning. The temperature was bit harsh. The participants wer accompanied by Mr. Rao Israr Ahmed, Program manager EDP along with Mr. Muhammad Talha Azeem, Visiting faculty IBA CED. The main theme of trip was to explore the agri entrepreneurial opportunities. In order to do this, a farm at memon goth was visited. That farm was one of its own kind. The 4 acre agricultural farm comprises of five main units and was carrying multiple enterprises.The development of agri enterprises is a key factor to promote entrepreneurial development in Pakistan. In continuity with this objective, a field trip of CIE students was arranged on 27th May 2017. The participants were very excited and their journey began at around 10 in the morning.  More

    May 19-20, 2017: Workshop at IBA CED’s Certificate Program conducted by Syed Hussain Haider  

Mr. Hussain Haider is a motivational and inspirational speaker currently working in Akhuwat and an adjunct faculty at LUMS. Mr. Haider conducted a workshop here at IBA CED and interacted with the participants of CIE. He discussed various concerns and issues related to emotion quotient by considering Akhuwat organization. He highlighted the positive and negative both sides of society and discussed that how we are afraid of our own fears. He started by discussing Akhuwat organization which is running successfully since a number of years. This organization is a real example and model which is the need of an hour for Pakistan. He added that Akhuwat has a number of unique initiatives which are not there in other NGO’s or organization. Not only this, but the organization dispatches around One Arab Pakistani Rupees in about 25 days. The donors for the organization are Pakistani Expats.  More

    April 22-23, 2017: IBA-CED’s Case Writing Team participated in a Case Conference in Lahore  

IBA AMAN-CED’s case writing team is in the phase of developing a repository of teaching cases on the lives of different entrepreneurs. These cases are sent and presented in various case conferences held across the globe. Due to the dearth of literature available on women entrepreneurs, zealous efforts are being made at AMAN-CED to develop cases on them. One such case was written on the life of a young budding women entrepreneur, named as ‘ABAA’. The case was accepted in the SEDC International Conference on “Gender, Work and Society”, held in Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore. It was presented in the Conference by one of the members of the CED’s case writing team.  More

    May 18, 2017: IBA-CED & NOWPDP organized a workshop for people with special needs by the name of “KHUD MUKHTAR”  

IBA Aman- Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) & NOWPDP organized a workshop for people with special needs by the name of “KHUD MUKHTAR”. The workshop was held on May 18, 2017 at Aman-CED building of IBA, Main campus. Aman-CED in collaboration with NOWPDP has set foot in this initiative in order to empower the people with special needs by supporting them with the rope of entrepreneurship, which can play a major role in catering to the issue of unemployment within this segment of the society. More

    Apr 28, 2017: IBA AMAN-CED in collaboration with US Consulate General Karachi held a talk session on IPR & Globalization  

IBA AMAN Centre for Entrepreneurial Development in collaboration with US Consulate General Karachi held a talk session on IPR (Intellectual Property Right) and Globalization on Friday 28th April, 2017. The discussion began with the recitation of Holy Quran, followed with welcome note by Mr. Azad Ahmed Manager-Incubation & Outreach Activities. Later, Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program DirectorAman CED gave a brief introduction of the event and the esteemed panelists. More

    Apr 25, 2017: AMAN-CED organized Certificate Distribution Ceremony for Business Incubation Program  

On Tuesday 25th April, a Certificate Distribution Ceremony for Business Incubation Program for Women Home-Based Workers was held at IBA Main Campus. 61 women home-based workers belonging to areas such as Sultanabad, Korangi, Ibrahim Hyderi and Lyari were awarded certificates for completing a comprehensive three-month entrepreneurship training program especially designed for them. This is a hallmark program of IBA AMAN Center for Entrepreneurial Development (AMAN- CED) in which women entrepreneurs from underprivileged communities of Karachi are trained to start their own ventures in order to promote the cause of women economic empowerment. At the event speaking to the audience Ms. Mahpara Shakil, Deputy Chief of Party, Gender Equity Program (GEP), and Aurat Foundation said, 'This is an important step toward women economic empowerment'. More

    Apr 14, 2017: The orientation ceremony of certificate in Women Tech Entrepreneurship Program (WTEP) was held at IBA AMAN CED  

IBA AMAN CED has launched a certificate in Women Tech Entrepreneurship Program (WTEP) for women who want to learn and earn through technology careers. The orientation ceremony of WTEP was held on April 14, 2017 at AMAN CED building of IBA, Main campus. The ceremony started at 5PM with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Hafiza Tooba Jabeen, one of the students of WTEP. The ceremony was honored with the presence of Program Director Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Head Dr. Imran Khan, Program Manager & Technical Trainer Wajiha Kanwal, WTEP team and faculty members.   More

    Apr 5-6, 2017: A 2 day Workshop on Fraud Risk Management, Data & Cyber Security organized by AMAN-CED  

Aman Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) organized a two days’ workshop on Fraud Risk Management and Data & Cyber Security on 5 & 6 April, 2017.

Risk ESPECIALLY FRAUD RISK CANNOT be eliminated and can only be Accepted, Avoided, Reduced or Transferred and the ironies are:  More

    Mar 21, 2017: IBA AMAN CED organized the Graduation Ceremony of its Incubatee STEMMERS  

March 21: IBA AMAN CED organized the graduation ceremony of its incubatee STEMMERS at the Aman Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), IBA Main Campus. STEMMERS is an initiative to provide Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management (STEMM) education to learners of grade 4 and above and to produce tech-savvy future leaders in Pakistan. They offer basic, intermediate and advanced level courses in which students have the opportunity and resources to learn cutting edge technologies in robotics, programming, 3D printing and even game development.

STEMMERS was incubated at AMAN CED-IBA in September 2015 and since then it has seen progressive growth with time. Several schools collaborated with STEMMERS to offer STEM based courses in their schools. More

    March 13-14, 2017: Aman-CED organized two days workshop on "Building High Impact Entrepreneurial & Incubation Centers in Pakistan  

IBA Aman Center for Entrepreneurial Development conducted two days’ workshop on “Building High Impact Entrepreneurial and Incubation Centers in Pakistan” on 13 and 14 March, 2017. The purpose of this workshop was to facilitate different Pakistani universities in developing their entrepreneurial and incubation centers. Dr. Shahid Qureshi (Program Director Aman-CED IBA Karachi) opened the first session in which he shared the experience of Aman-CED i.e academic programs of entrepreneurship, incubation center and compared and contrasted different incubation models which were operating locally as well as globally. Moreover, different success stories of IBA Incubation Program (i.e Stallion Deliveries, Technyx System, were also presented and the role of IBA Incubation Center was explained. More

    Jan 25, 2017: IBA AMAN CED Launches Business Incubation Program for Women Home-Based Workers  

The program will mark the beginning of a certificate program designed especially for women home based workers in Karachi and Quetta. This program is IBA AMAN CED’s humble effort towards facilitating Pakistani women to develop and foster an entrepreneurial mindset, enabling them to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

Fifty highly skilled women have been selected for this particular program; who have a zeal to start their own businesses and are extremely thrilled to have found such an opportunity. More

    Jan 6-7, 2017: IBA CED ‘s CIE Final Presentation & Farewell lunch  

Yet another cohort of entrepreneurs have presented their startups. The final presentation of startup was held on 6th and 7th of January 2017 at Aman CED, IBA Karachi. This two day event was full with enthusiasm and courage, which was evident with the presentations of prospective entrepreneurs. Among the evaluation panel was Dr. Shahid Qureshi (Program Director Aman CED, IBA), Dr. Kamran Mumtaz (Faculty IBA) Dr. Imran Khan (Faculty IBA), Asif Jaffar (Faculty IBA), Muhammad Talha Azeem (Visiting faculty IBA), Mohsin Ali Patel (Lecturer IBA ). Imran M. Khan (CEO, Arkish) and the Aman CED team including Rao Israr Ahmed (Program Manager, EDP), Azad Ahmed (Manager incubation activities) and Hafiz Abdul Rauf (Program Manager, E4E). The startups presented were related to nearly all the sectors including Agriculture, Services, Manufacturing, Health, Education and Technology. Among all, the highest number of startups were dealing with services followed by Food and Agribusiness. More

    Dec 28, 2016: IBA AMAN CED in collaboration with Aurat Foundation launched a CIE program for Women Home Based Workers  

IBA AMAN CED in collaboration with Aurat Foundation under its USAID funded Gender Equity Program(GEP) has launched a certificate in entrepreneurship program for Women Home Based Workers(WHBWs) in Karachi and Quetta. The program is all set to launch in Karachi in the month of January; to kick-start the project the Training of Trainers(ToT) was held on 28th December 2016 at AMAN CED. More

    Dec 28, 2016: KG Charles from Silicon Valley conducted a session on "Startup Funding Trends"  

KG Charles from Silicon Valley conducted a session on "Startup Funding Trends" at Aman Center for Entrepreneurial Development, IBA Karachi on Wednesday 28th December, 2016. KG started the session by emphasizing the scope of entrepreneurship particularly in Pakistan. Furthermore he discussed the factors which would lead to the failure of any startup. First and foremost critical factor is "team". More

    Session on Problem Solving Research with Dr. Zeeshan Usmani  

IBA campus was honored with the presence of Pakistani data scientist, writer, entrepreneur and scholar Dr. Zeeshan Usmani who visited IBA and interacted with the CIE students on 24th September 2016 .Born in Sukkur, Dr. Usmani is a graduate of computer science, he later on moved to Florida for PhD as a Fulbright scholar. Apart from working with different institutes, Usmani is also the founder of Predictify Me, a predictive analytics company which uses advanced algorithms and data sets to predict outcomes of social and commercial problems. More

    SKM Syndicate  

Mr. Shakaib is a young entrepreneur and a business graduate. He presented his venture "SKM Syndicate Motors" and shared his entrepreneurial journey with CIE students. The basis of his venture was his passion for cars which has brought him to create SKM syndicate. More


Mr. Fareed is a chartered account by profession and has a working experience with Islamic banks. Now, he is the owner of, a unique, affordable and new platform to buy used and branded products. Mr. Fareed interacted with CIE class to showcase his venture and e-commerce opportunities. Accepting the fact that more people are interested and love to wear brands, Fareed disclosed price as a limiting factor and a gap. More

    Sarwat Muzamil - IBA CED Alumni  

Sarwat Muzamil is the founder of Ecode which specializes in "reverse engineering". Its service include Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and development, product design, and the manufacture, assembly, repair, and maintenance of electronic items. More

    CED’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship Students Visited Go Organic Agriculture Farm  

In order to promote entrepreneurial development a field trip of CIE students was arranged on 29th October 2016. The participants were accompanied by Mr. Rao Israr Ahmed, Program manager EDP along with Mr. Muhammad Talha Azeem, Visiting faculty IBA CED. The main theme of trip was to see the agri entrepreneurial opportunities. In order to do this, a farm called as “Go organic farm” was visited at memon goth. The go organic farm is one of its own kind. The 4-acre agricultural farm comprises of five main units.

1. Bio gas energy plant
2. Organic fertilizer process plant
3. Livestock: which contains cows, goats and birds
4. Cold Storage
5. Vegetation and nursery plantation area.


    AMAN CED Program Certificate Distribution Ceremony 2016  

October 19: The Gani & Tayub Auditorium flocked with numerous people from all walks of life wearing their graduation gowns with a sense of pride on graduating from one of the three AMAN Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED)’s flagship programs, including Womenx, Entrepreneurship for Engineers (E4E) and the Family Business Program.

The session was attended by a total of 104 graduates of the Womenx program, a World Bank-funded global initiative designed to support women-run businesses through business education, networking and mentoring opportunities. The ceremony marked the completion of the program that successfully targeted 300 women entrepreneurs based in Karachi over a period of 2 years.   More

    A two days' workshop for Faculty on how to develop & teach the Entrepreneurial Mindset at National Textile University Faisalabad  

Entrepreneurs are not only the true drivers of an economy but they have another pivotal role to play which is nation building. To highlight this role a two-day workshop namely “Role of faculty in fostering entrepreneurial mind set and nation building” was conducted at National Textile University, Faisalabad. The workshop was engrossed on how to develop and teach the Entrepreneurial Mindset and lay the foundation for an Entrepreneurial University leading to nation building activities. The key resource person was Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Director, Aman CED. The auditorium remained completely packed with faculty members throughout the workshop. In the opening sessions Dr. Qureshi shared his experiences with the audience.  More

    A talk by Jacqueline Novogratz, an American Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO ACUMEN  

October 7: Jacqueline Novogratz, an American entrepreneur and Founder & CEO ACUMEN, visited IBA this Friday. Jacqueline Novogratz addressed the students of universities from all over Karachi at the G&T Auditorium. The session started as the host briefed about the dynamics of Entrepreneurial studies at IBA. She explained that The AMAN Center for Entrepreneurial Development (AMAN-CED) is envisioned to play a strategic role in promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan and to create a new breed of youth and professionals, who believe in opportunity recognition and new venture creation. Its primary emphasize is to enable the new generation of Pakistani entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into enterprises. Accordingly, AMAN-CED aims to support the creation of new companies that add substantial jobs, incomes and revenues to Pakistan's economy. Moreover, along with a four year Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, IBA also offers a number of certified courses to enhance the entrepreneurial education in Pakistan.  More

    Orientation of E4E and MoU signing ceremony with KAPCO  

8th October marked the MoU signing ceremony of IBA CED with KAPCO. KAPCO became a Diamond sponsor for the entrepreneurship for engineers (E4E) program which was initiated by CED last year, in response to instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in the engineering students of Pakistan. The program is designed such that students gain in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurship and hands-on experience, allowing them to launch their own business during the course of the program. Addressing a student body of 70 students, the ceremony was moderated by Dr Shahid Qureshi Director CED where he explained the rationale and need for engineers to develop innovative products but lack an entrepreneurial acumen and will to do so. He stressed that engineers and people hailing from IT are most suited to creating successful ventures as they have a skill which they can leverage.   More

    IBA CED organized an International Symposium on Technology Entrepreneurship in Islamabad  

IBA CED in collaboration with National ICT R&D- Ministry of IT & HEC organized an International Symposium on Technology Entrepreneurship in Islamabad on 19-20 August, 2016. The purpose of symposium was to develop entrepreneurial mindset and share latest ideas and developments in the area of entrepreneurship and incubation with faculty members, managers of incubators and ORIC managers across Pakistan. It aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs, start-ups and incubators in bringing new ideas and implementing them in an effective manner in an educational setting.

Engr. Baligh-ur-Rehman, Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training was the chief guest. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC, Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman, CEO National ICT R&D Fund and Chairman PTA, Dr. Arshad Ali, Executive Director HEC, Vice Chancellors, start-ups, entrepreneurs, incubators and people from different walks of life were also present.  More

    Certificate in Entrepreneurship (CIE) Program Orientation Ceremony  

The highly anticipated evening of orientation ceremony of CED’s flagship program of Certificate in Entrepreneurship was held on 2nd September 2016. The splendid ceremony of collaboration between IBA CED and Nestle Pakistan began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by the National Anthem. The ceremony was honored with the presence of Dean & Director IBA Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, along with Dr. Kamran Mumtaz, Chairman of the Department of Management, Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Director ,Center for Entrepreneurial Development,Madiha Javed Qureshi Manager Public Affairs Nestle representative, CED Team and Faculty.  More

    Passing Out of AMAN (CED) Incubatees  

July 27th, 2016: Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Director CED, presented the welcome note and thanked the guests, staff and students for coming to the ceremony. Dr. Qureshi briefed the audience about the purpose and essence behind the AMAN CED’s incubation center. He explained that IBA-Business Incubator is a facility comprising of different sized rooms for startups that have launched their businesses and made a team of 4 or more. He went on to say that IBA Business Incubator is aimed to provide the physical, technical and soft assistance to the emerging ventures. Moreover, IBA Business Incubator targets those ventures who have laid a solid base in their business area but still need the services of Incubator at bigger level.  More

    Project Exhibition of Entrepreneurship for Engineering (E4E)  

July 27th, 2016: The participants of Entrepreneurship for Engineering (E4E) program proudly presented their ventures in the foyer of CED building. IBA faculty, staff, CED students and alumni were invited to appreciate the technically tremendous work. The startups were named: RevTech (Deals in imported machines spare parts), ARMEZ (Youth Engaging Activities), WE Entrepreneurs (Pakistan’s 1st website for entrepreneurs), LIZHIT (The Lizard Killer), Arctic Stuff (Homemade Air Conditioner), BIO.G (Sustainable fuels), The Bike Man (Motorbike Maintenance) and Saholat (Transportation).   More

    Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Vision” for Talent Hunt Program Students by AMAN CED  

Workshop entitled “Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Vision” was organized for the students of IBA National Talent Hunt Program , OGDCL Balochistan Talent Hunt Program and OGDCL Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Talent Hunt Program at IBA CED from June 28 till July 1st 2016 sponsored by Ihsan Trust and OGDCL Pakistan. Around 150 students participated in this workshop, divided into two batches for workshop training purpose. Meritorious students from poor families belonging from the less privileged areas of Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA, and Gilgit Baltistan were selected and trained rigorously for 38 days continuously to equip students with the best training to help them to qualify into IBA. The workshop was arranged to increase the entrepreneurial knowledge of the students.   More

    Guest speaker session For EMBA class by Syed Hussain Haider  

In the evening of Saturday 28th May, 2016 the participants of EMBA program found an opportunity to learn about Philanthropic Venture Capture Capita by Syed Hussain Haider from AKhuwat Foundation. Mr. Hussain was invited by Dr. Shahid Qureshi to deliver a guest speaker session to the class of entrepreneurial management. During the session the participants were told about the beginning of Philanthropic venture capitalism. It was made by sharing the historical experiences of Akhuwat Foundation.   More

    Guest speaker session by Syed Hussain Haider  

On the afternoon of Saturday 28th May, 2016 Syed Hussain Haider from AKhuwat Foundation enlightened the thoughts and minds of young engineers who are part of the IBA CED’s new program named as Entrepreneurship for engineers. The main objective of this session was to motivate and inculcate value based leadership traits in the young entrepreneurs. Mr. Haider shared the global perspective and traits of leadership with the audience. The session was well organized and delivered. The flow of information went with some of the wonderful examples.   More

    AMAN CED Programs Certificate Distribution Ceremony 2016  

May 31, 2016: The Gani & Tayub auditorium was vibrant with the positive energy of the WomenX cohort 3 and Entrepreneurship (CIE) participants. The event was enthusiastically attended by the parents, graduates and the faculty of IBA. While giving a comprehensive outline of AMAN Centre for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) and what entrepreneurship is all about, Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Director AMAN CED said, ‘To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to unlearn the concepts you have been learning so far.’ Dr. Qureshi said entrepreneurship is about adding value to your service/product and to take small steps in order to achieve big goals. He went on to talk about Chinyoti Entrepreneurs, Islamic Entrepreneurship and a Kids Entrepreneurship Program, which is a recent initiative of CED.  More

    MoU Signed Between IBL Operations Pvt. Ltd. and TechnoSync Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (IBA Aman CED Incubatee)  

IBA Aman CED is proud to announce the graduation of its technology incubatee TechnoSync Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in a celebration marked through the signing of an MoU between the incubatee and IBL Operations Pvt. Ltd. TechnoSync Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a startup established by IBA's graduate Mr. Fawwad M. Haider who created his company with the vision of become a valuable member of the industry through bringing innovative technology and solutions to make business processes less time consuming through automation. TechnoSync Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will help IBL Operations Pvt. Ltd. introduce a new retail model through employing the use of the latest vending machines across the market.  More

    IBA CED conducted a workshop in UAJK  

It was acclaimed profoundly that Kashmir is a glimpse of heaven on the planet earth. The journey actually commenced from 2nd of March 2016 from Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu Kashmir. Straight after the landing in AJK, exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities was commenced. This was done in terms of series of meetings with the entrepreneurs and local business owners. IBA CED was hosted by Mr. Mohsin Pervez Banday, Director, BIC, UAJK. The main happening was the meeting with the General Manager, Pearl Continental, Muzaffarabad, AJK.  More

    Dr. Mehreen Faruqi -a Greens MP, NSW Upper House from the Australian Government visited IBA-CED  

April 12: The Institute of Business Administration welcomed Dr. Mehreen Faruqi -a Greens MP in the NSW Upper House (Pakistani Origin) from the Australian Government. She was accompanied by the High Commissioner to Pakistan HE Margaret Adamson on a visit to IBA CED on 12th April, Tuesday, to attend a panel discussion. The focus of the discussion was the role of youth in development; challenges and opportunities for youth in Pakistan and gender equality for women. More

    Workshop on Business Model Generation for Entrepreneurs & SMEs  

IBA-CED organized a two-day workshop on “Business Model Generation for Entrepreneurs & SMEs” on 8th and 9th April, 2016. The successful launch and market adoption of a product depends on the creation of a robust business model which requires strategic thinking by considering various business model generation methodologies. BMG workshop focused on a number of powerful and effective approaches (such as canvas approach, customer profiling, visual thinking etc.) which help with the synthesis of a customer-focused business model. The key objective of this workshop was to share contemporary thinking about the design and development of a business model that was market centric and cost effective.  More

    Nestle’s M.D Visited IBA CED  

18th March marked the day when Nestle’s Managing Director Mr Bruno visited IBA CED. His visit was part of a three year collaboration between Nestle and IBA CED on promoting agricultural entrepreneurship at CED. Mr Bruno was briefed by Dr Shahid Qureshi on the pedagogies used in the Nestle entrepreneurship program and he got the opportunity to interact with graduating students and listen to their success stories. The students at the end of the session presented Mr. Bruno with traditional gifts from Sindh. A cake cutting ceremony was also organized by the students for this special occasion, followed by a lunch organized by one of the Certificate class student who has recently launched a catering services business venture. More

    Workshop on Entrepreneurship Teaching Pedagogy for Karachi University Faculty Members Organized by IBA CED  

The Morning of 30th march 2016 was the time when the door of collaboration and new opportunities was opened between two of the institutions IBA and UoK, both of which are of highest tribute. This was made in terms of a workshop named as “Entrepreneurship teaching pedagogy” which was hosted by Center for Entrepreneurial Development (IBA CED) in collaboration with Office of the Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) of the University of Karachi. It was arranged in specific for the faculty of UoK representing different faculties like Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy and Management Sciences. The main objective was to promote entrepreneurship in different domains to achieve self-sustainability. More

    IBA Entrepreneurship Educators Symposium 2016  

Yet, another feather added to our cap as IBA proudly stood as a pioneer and flag holder institution in promoting entrepreneurship education in Pakistan. This was accomplished when academicians from nearly all the major universities were gathered at IBA Main campus for an event named as “International Entrepreneurship Educators Symposium 2016”. The symposium was held from 21st March 2016 till 22nd March 2016. The official beginning was the welcome dinner arranged at Visting Faculty Residence situated in IBA premises. The excitement and enthusiasm of all the participants were evident. Everyone was waiting eagerly for the main event. More

    IBA CED's CIE Final Presentation & Farewell dinner  

With an objective to promote entrepreneurship, a journey of another batch of CIE program came to an end on the evening of 12th and 13th February 2016 when the prospective entrepreneurs presented their business startup ideas in the final presentation session held at S4, Aman CED, IBA Main campus, Karachi. The launch was filled with enthusiasm and eager interest of the participants. It was the real showcase of the learning and hard core training of the last four months. More

    IBA CED's Certificate Students visited Interior Sindh - A Journey of wonderful memories  

It was Sunday the 31st of January 2016 when students of Certificate in Entrepreneurship program, AMAN CED, IBA Karachi began a journey of wonderful memories. There were cold breezes and the sun was giving slight warmth at 7:30am in the morning when students and participants along with the faculty including Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Dr. Imran Khan and Muhammad Talha Azeem and IBA CED team departed from the IBA campus. The first destination was the Institute of Sindhology, University of Sindh where visitors experienced the historical enrichment of province of Sindh. More

    Guest Speaker Session on Fraud Awareness by Sanjeev Gathani From Singapore  

9th January, 2016: Mr Sanjeev Gathani is a Certified Fraud Examiner and is a licensed private investigator in Singapore. His holds technical expertise in Anti-Bribery & Compliance, Data Privacy & Security, GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) & Fraud Management - Prevention, Detection & Investigation. With his MBA degree from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, he also holds the professional certifications of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Sarbanes-Oxley Professional (CSOXP), Advanced Toastmaster (ATM) & Licensed Private Investigator in Singapore. More

    IBA CED's Certificate students visited SUBHAN ALLAH Cattle & Dairy Farm  

2nd January 2016, In continuity to explore the entrepreneurial opportunities associated with agricultural systems, participants of CIE program of IBA CED, went to Subhan Allah cattle and dairy farm located off the Karachi Hyderabad super high way near the toll plaza. The trip was arranged by the Program Manager CIE, IBA CED, and Mr. Muhammad Talha Azeem, Visiting faculty of CIE, IBA CED. The purpose of this trip was to showcase the status and potential of livestock businesses existing in the vicinity of Karachi city. More

    Workshop on “How to Start and Manage Small Business?  

IBA Aman-CED in collaboration with SMEDA-Karachi organized a two-day workshop on “How to Start and Manage Small Business?” on 30th and 31st December, 2015. This workshop was attended by the aspiring young entrepreneurs who are planning to start their ventures, middle level managers of the big companies who are dealing with small vendors, and retired personals who now want to launch their own ventures using their savings.

During the course of two-days lectures on different aspects of starting and managing small business were held by the faculty of BA Aman-CED. These sessions included the introduction of entrepreneurship, Business Model Canvas, Legal Aspects of Business, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Entrepreneurial Finance. In addition to this Mr. Ashraf Usman (CEO of The Learning Organization) discussed the “Business Opportunities in Pakistan”. In this session Mr. Ashraf highlighted the potential sectors to start business in Pakistan.

Mr. Avais Shuja (CEO of MAS Enterprises) shared his experience as an entrepreneur. Mr. Avais started from the scratch and build a successful venture after having a roller coaster entrepreneurial journey. Participants appreciated this mix i.e theoretical sessions as well as practical sessions of entrepreneurs. IBA Aman-CED is determined to organize these kind of workshops in future to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

    Mr. James Thompson & Dr. Sajjad Ahmad from USA visited IBA Aman-CED  

On Friday, December 18, 2015 Mr. James E. Thompson along with Dr. Sajjad Ahmad visited IBA Aman-CED. Mr. Thompson is an Executive Director of Technology & Venture Commercialization, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA. Dr. Sajjad Ahmad is an Associate Professor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Mr. Thompson had a chat with CED team members and shared his experience of USA. Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Director IBA Aman-CED gave a presentation about the different activities happening at IBA Aman-CED. More

    CED’s Certificate Students’ Visit to Bux Farm, Gadap, Karachi  

On Saturday, 12/12/15 participants of Certificate In Entrepreneurship Program went to Bux farm located in the Gadap Town in the outskirts of the karachi city. The trip was arranged by the Rao Israr Ahmed, Program Manager CIE and Muhammad Talha Azeem, visiting faculty of EDP program. The weather was slightly cold, pleasing and windy. This trip was arranged in order to familiarise participants with the Agricultural Opportunities. On arrival, participants were briefed by the farm owner about the practices followed on his farm, different types of crops he is growing More

    Marshmallow Challenge executed by Dr. Najam A. Anjum in BBA FME class at CED  

5th November 2015: BBA FME students understood the true meaning of prototyping, experimentation and effectuation when they were asked to build a tower with the help of 20 sticks of raw spaghetti, a meter of tape, a meter of thread, and a marshmallow. Introduced in IBA-CED by Dr. Najam A. Anjum, the Marshmallow Challenge, in a very enjoyable manner, conveyed the message of effectual entrepreneurship. More specifically, how causal differs from effectual, meaning, when should extensive planning be avoided and experimentation or trial and error approach should be preferred. More

    Guest Speaker Session in CIE Class with Ms. Yasmeen Gayas & Emerging Entrepreneur Mr. Shakaib khan  

Guest speaker sessions with CIE students were held on 3rd November 2015. Ms. Yasmeen Gayas shared her experience of entrepreneurship journey.

Yasmeen Gayas is running a Mineral Water processing unit and marketing and distributing the brand Bee HARRY'S MINERAL WATER throughout Karachi since a decade. Bee Harry's Mineral Water is supplied to around 900 families and offices on regular weekly basis through supplies network buildup and maintained by her team. More

    Workshop on Force Field Analysis by Mr. Hussain Haider at IBA-CED  

2nd November, 2015: Syed Hussain Haider, Adjunct Faculty member of LUMS and Director AISEM/Project Director Akhuwat University/Akhuwat College) conducted a workshop on “Force Field Analysis” in CIE program of CED at IBA, Karachi. About 55 participants attended this workshop. The main objective of this workshop was to identify and manage different factors affecting change management in any social setting. More

    Certificate in Entrepreneurship Orientation  

The IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development (IBA-CED), is collaborating with the Nestle Pakistan (the world’s leading nutrition, health and Wellness Company) to initiate an Entrepreneurship development program, exclusively for Pakistani entrepreneurs. An orientation session for the program was held at IBA Main Campus on 17th October, 2015. More

    Center of Entrepreneurial Development, IBA Karachi holds graduation ceremony of its flagship programs  

The Center of Entrepreneurial Development (CED) at Institute of Business Administration (IBA) held the convocation of its three flagship programs on Thursday 3rd September 2015. The graduating entrepreneurs included inspiring women from the second batch of WomenX Program, a highly motivated batch of Certificate in Entrepreneurship (CIE) Program and young engineers in the making from NED University of Engineering & Technology of the Technology Entrepreneurship Program. More

    Workshop on Business Model Generation organized by IBA-CED  

IBA-CED organized two-day workshop on "Business Model Generation" on 28th and 29th August, 2015. This workshop was based on interactive sessions which included Team activities, Group discussions, Case analysis, Presentations and Critical thinking exercises. Dr. Khurram Sharif graduated as an Electronics Engineer from University of Kent at Canterbury, England. He did his MBA from Lancaster University and his PhD (in Business-to-Business Marketing) from Kingston University, England. More

    Kaizen and 5S Applications Workshop  

Aman-Center for Entrepreneurial Development (Aman-CED) in continuum of its vision of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Pakistan, conducted a "Workshop on Kaizen and 5-S Application" on 8th June 2015 at IBA Main Campus. The instructor for this workshop was Mr. Hussain Haider, Director, Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise and Management (AISEM) and Project Director of Akhuwat University.

Mr. Haider has been working as a management and legal consultant for the past 18 years with various private and public sector. More

    WomenX Final Presentations by participants of IBA’s Women Entrepreneurship Program  

IBA’s Women Entrepreneurship Program (Womenx- the World Bank funded initiative) - cohort 2 group A and B super talented participants gathered at IBA AMAN CED on 9th and 30th May, respectively for their final presentations.IBA AMAN CED was filled with colors as the participants were dressed to the nines for their big day. Their zeal and passion towards their respective businesses was displayed brilliantly as they enthusiastically presented their business action growth plans to the esteemed panelist present on the occasion.


    Certificate In Entrepreneurship  

It is our immense pleasure to announce that the first batch of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship Program (CIE) has completed. CIE is a new initiative by IBA-AMAN-CED that was launched in January 2015. This was a weekend certificate program focusing on motivating the participants to think like entrepreneurs and to inspire them to start their own businesses after completion of the certification. More

    "Leading an Organization Through innovation: A Casestudy of Akhuwat"
May 2, 2015: Session was conducted by Syed Hussain Haider

A Session was arranged on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 in the Entrepreneurial Management EMBA class of Dr. Shahid Qureshi. Syed Hussain Haider, Director, Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise and Management (AISEM) and Project Director of Akhuwat University visited IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development to conduct session on "Leading an Organization Through innovation: A Casestudy of Akhuwat". He interacted with students of EMBA , Certificate in Entrepreneurship and various students from other universities. More

    Training of Trainers Workshop
Apr 11-12, 2015: conducted by Dr Shahid Qureshi at Akhuwat Lahore

A two days (11 & 12 April, 2015) workshop of ToT (Training of Trainers) on “How to teach Entrepreneurship Plus (E+) Model” was conducted by Center for Entrepreneurial Development (AMAN-CED), Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi, at Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise and Management. The lead speaker of the workshop was Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Director, AMAN-CED, IBA, Karachi. More

    AMAN-CED Presentation to PSEB
Feb 27, 2015: Mr. Asim Shahryar Husain, MD, PSEB visited AMAN-CED

Mr Asim Shahryar Husain Managing Director Pakistan Software Export Board visited AMAN-CED to view the incubation and different activities of the center. PSEB's mission is to strengthen and promote the IT industry of Pakistan both locally and globally and to make Pakistan the second largest IT exporter in South Asia. He was accompanied by Director Marketing PSEB, Mr Sulman who was very impressed by the work of the center and encouraged all technology related incubates to use the platform of PSEB to enhance networking. More

    Feb 28, 2014: Guest Speaker Session
with Ms. Josette Dijkhuizen

28th of Febuary, 2015 marked its importance by welcoming two important figures who inspired the CIE and EMBA participants by their thought provoking words, guidelines and personal experience. Ms. Josette Dijkhuizen, a special guest from Netherlands, was invited to share some words about her entrepreneurial journey. Her PHD research work which is focused towards success and happiness for entrepreneurs her new project Empower targeted towards women shelters. More

    Feb 18, 2014: Acquisition Ceremony
held at IBA-AMAN-CED of its graduating incubate company "Stallion Deliveries"

On the 18th of February 2015 IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development (AMAN-CED) held an "Acquisition Ceremony" of its graduating incubate company named Stallion Deliveries; a Cash on Delivery service which aims to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers by providing fast deliveries accompanied by 24-hours cash payback. The venture was started by BBA Entrepreneurship's very own students; Muhammad Hassan Khan and Ibrahim Yousuf Petiwala in March of 2014 which was ultimately acquired by ARY group of Companies in February 2015. More

    Jan 30, 2015: WomenX Cohort 2
Orientation Ceremony

30th January 2015 marked the commencement of the second cohort of Womenx Entrepreneurship Program in collaboration with Enclude and The World Bank. Motivated by the success of the first batch who had just recently graduated after the completion of phase 1 of their educational training, the new batch of students came highly energized for their first class. The class started with some enlightening verses from the Holy Quran and a then a brief overview of the course outline, expectations of the students and the probable outcomes of the four month course in entrepreneurship. More

    Jan 20, 2015:
AMAN-CED – Programs Graduating Ceremony

AMAN Center for Entrepreneurial Development (AMAN-CED), IBA held a Graduating Ceremony for its various entrepreneurial programs at the G&T Auditorium, IBA Main Campus on Tuesday, 20th January, 2015. IBA’s AMAN-CED with its vision to embark entrepreneurial spirit in the people of Pakistan, celebrated the completion of its various initiatives like Entrepreneurial Development Program (EDP Batch II), Women Entrepreneurship Program (Cohort 1) and Technology Entrepreneurship Program (Batch I). Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Director IBA AMAN-CED hosted the event and gave a formal introduction about AMAN-CED and its many initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in the country. More

    Young Entrepreneur Awards
IBA-BBA Entrepreneur Students become finalist at Shell Tameer
    Dec 19-20, 2014: DICE INVENT 2014  

Karachi, December 19-20, 2014: IBA Karachi in collaboration DICE Foundation USA hosted DICE-INVENT 2014, a two-day Innovative, Entrepreneurship Exhibition, Competition and Mega event at IBA main campus. Renowned International & local Entrepreneurs and faculties not only attended the event to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan but also inspired the students and also meticulously judged the numerous, spectacular entrepreneur initiatives. Participants, who attended from various universities from all over Pakistan, availed a great opportunity to showcase their talent, gain confidence and build social networks, nationally & internationally. This one of a kind endeavor will help promote an eco-system of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The main sponsors of the event were DICE, British Council, ISESCO and PCST. Moree

    Dec 15-16, 2014:

15th & 16th December '14 marked two intense days in the history to IBA AMAN-CED where Mr. Bob Stringer - a guest faculty member conducted a successful workshop on "Challenges for Entrepreneurial Leadership" .Mr. Bob Stringer was visiting IBA from 7th-11th December 2014. He spent his time by engaging in various entrepreneurial intiatives being undertaken by leading entrepreneurial center of Pakistan IBA AMAN-CED.Mr. Bob is an MBA from Harvard Business School,USA and also an author of a book on business strategy. He is currently associated with number # 1 Entrepreneurship college in the world Babson College as an adjunt faculty. More

    Oct 11, 2014:
Entrepreneurship Development Program Women X

"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful" - Joshua Marine For an entrepreneur, the life is filled with such challenges. IBA-AMAN-CED has initiated a historic process of providing support and platform to women entrepreneurs. The AMAN Center for Entrepreneurship Development (AMAN-CED), IBA has collaborated with the World Bank & Enclude - a leading consultancy firm to initiate a women entrepreneurship development program-WomenX, exclusively for Pakistani women entrepreneurs. More

    9th Oct to 12th Oct, 2014:
Ms. Ulrike Guelich, visited IBA, Aman Centre for Entrepreneurial Development

Ms. Ulrike Guelich, a senior lecturer and researcher at Bangkok University visited IBA, Aman Centre for Entrepreneurial Development from 9th Oct to 12th Oct, 2014 as a part of AMAN-CED’s initiative to enhance the learning experience of Womenx participants. Ms. Ulrike Guelich is actively involved with Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research on Thailand women entrepreneurs as well as has over 20 years of experience of running her own company Guelich Technologies AG. She also holds an MBA for University of Maryland. More

    Sep 12, 2014:
WomenX Entrepreneurship Program

The AMAN Center for Entrepreneurship Development (AMAN-CED), IBA is collaborating with the World Bank & Enclude - a leading consultancy firm to initiate a women entrepreneurship development program-WomenX, exclusively for Pakistani women entrepreneurs. An orientation session for the program was held at IBA Main Campus on September 12, 2014.

A World Bank funded global initiative, WomenX, is aimed at supporting women business owners through business education, networking and mentorship opportunities. AMAN-CED at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is to conduct the business education part of this program in Pakistan. More

    Challenges for Entrepreneurial Leadership:
Developing Leaders who shape social and economic opportunity
    Shell Tameer Young Entrepreneur Awards 2014:
IBA BBA-Entrepreneurship Students Become Finalists at Shell Tameer Young Entrepreneur Awards 2014
    Executive MBA
Session on Entrepreneurial Finance

As managing finances appropriately can play a very important role into the success of any start-up; a guest speaker session was arranged for the Executive MBA class of Entrepreneurial Management of Dr. Shahid Qureshi on the topic of Entrepreneurial Finance. The session started with the the speaker emphasizing upon on the significance of having a broad and noble vision for one's company. The guest speaker then elaborated upon explained the key differences between conventional finance and entrepreneurial finance and further discussed the session topics during the 3-hour session. The session ended with a recapitulation of the key learning from the session and a note of thanks.



    DICE-Invent 2014
Session via Video Conferencing

IBA's AMAN-CED carried out a training session on DICE-Invent 2014 at IBA's Main Campus for universities all over Pakistan. Around 15 universities from all over Pakistan participated in the session which included:

5 Campuses of Virtual University of Pakistan
NUST, Islamabad
PIDE, Islamabad
CASE, Islamabad
PIEAS, Islamabad
University of Balochistan
University of Haripur
SBB University, Sherigal Dir
Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education, Karachi
Kohat University of Science and Technology
University of Agriculture, Peshawar
BZU, Multan
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
Sind Agriculture University, TandoJam
University of Karachi

Participants were introduced AMAN-CED to the various interventions on entrepreneurship being carried out at IBA's AMAN-CED. Then participants were briefed on the DICE-Invent 2014 and the registration process. The session ended with a question and answer session and a note of thanks to all the participants.



    Workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance June 27-28, 2014  

IBA's AMAN-CED conducted a workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance on 27-28 June 2014 for Entrepreneurs, executives from SMEs and non-finance managers. Workshop started with an overview of financial management, costing, managerial accounting and decision making process. The trainer, Mr. Masoud Ali Khan, FCMA and a C-level professional, then elaborated upon the significance of finance in any business along with differences in conventional and entrepreneurial finance. Other pertinent topics like risk-reward relationship, importance of Accurate, Relevant and Timely (ART) information, budgeting, forecasting, independent review and sensitivity analysis were also thoroughly covered during the two-day workshop.

One of the participants in the workshop Mr. Shoaib, CEO Shoaib Brothers in his feedback on the question "Actions you would apply after learning from this workshop" responded as, " Stop Thinking; Start Doing". Mr. Ahsen, Senior Product Manager from Sanofi responded to the same question as "Innovate and contribute to the business".

AMAN-CED collaborated with IBA's Center for Executive Education (CEE) and SMEDA for marketing of the workshop with an aim to benefit a greater number of participants. Workshop ended with a note of thanks from Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Director AMAN-CED and a certificate distribution ceremony.



    Workshop on Entrepreneurship for NTHP Students conducted by IBA-AMAN-CED
June 9-18, 2014, AMAN-CED Building, Main Campus

IBA's AMAN-CED conducted a 15-hour Workshop on Entrepreneurship for the students of the NTHP program. During this workshop students were introduAMAN-CED to the concept of Entrepreneurship and on how can it be beneficial for the economy of Pakistan. A large majority of students were of the opinion that Entrepreneurship can be one of the ways forward when it comes to economic development of Pakistan. During the workshop students carried out exercises on self-discovery and on developing a Business StartUp Model. They were also studied various success stories in the form of lectures, case studies, videos as well as through interaction with a student entrepreneur from IBA. Students also learned the emerging theory of Entrepreneurship based on the principles of Effectuation. The workshop ended with a motivational talk by Dr. Shahid Qureshi on the importance of having a timeless, correct and a noble vision for self as well as Pakistan.



    DICE-Invent 2014:
Session at Virtual University

IBA's AMAN-CED conducted a session of DICE-Invent 2014 at Virtual University Karachi Campus. The session was virtually transmitted to VU campuses at Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad and was attended by around 25 faculty members along with students. The session started with introduction about IBA's AMAN-CED and its various activities, achievements along with its local and international partnerships and collaborations. Participants were then introduAMAN-CED to DICE-Invent 2014 along with its history and details about the current program. The participants were also introduAMAN-CED to IBA-AMAN-CED's Business StartUp Model and on how can it be effectively used toward starting a business. The session ended with a networking session with the staff and faculty members of the Karachi Campus over a delicious lunch during which mutual intentions to having more such sessions were also reached.



    DICE-Invent 2014::
Session at OPEN Karachi.



    DICE-Invent 2014:
Session at NUST-PNEC, Karachi

On the invitation of Commandant PNS Jauhar, Commodore Zahid Iqbal SI(M), IBA's AMAN-CED team visited the Project Displays of the students of NUST-PNEC held at NUST's Karachi campus. The session started with the welcome speech by the hosts followed by speeches from the various representatives from industry along with the speech by Mr. Moazzam M.Malik, Chairman and CEO, BMA Capital Management. Following this guests were taken to a display area where students briefed the guests about their projects. IBA's AMAN-CED team had also setup its information desk at the display area. AMAN-CED team coached the students on the benefits of pursuing entrepreneurship capitalizing on their valuable skills along with inviting them to participate in IBA's flagship entrepreneurship event DICE-Invent 2014. The presence of the AMAN-CED team for educating the students on entrepreneurship was well appreciated by the Chief Guest Mr. Moazaam M. Malik as well as by Commodore Zahid Iqbal SI(M).



    Business Startup Presentations by BBA Students  

BBA Entrepreneurship (Second semester) students made their business startup presentations at AMAN-CED Building, IBA Main Campus. Presentations were adjudged by a select group from industry and academia which included young CEOs from various companies and faculty members from IBA. Ex-Director Hinopak Motors, Mr. Fasihul Siddiqi; Program Director Medical Education CPSP, Dr. Minhaj Qidwai and CEO Dynamics Research, Mr. Sibghatullah Husaini were some of the senior judges in the panel. The panel of judges also included CEO E-Ocean Asif Jafri; CEO and COO E-Maymar Affan Laghari and Ali Traiq; CEO Furquan Kidwai; CEO TechnoSync Fawwad Haider and CEO PapaJobs Shan Nasir.

Some of the testimonials from the judges about the presentations are as under::

“Great session – good to see kids starting businesses.”
“Very good initiative by IBA; should be appreciated and facilitated by the industry.”
“Good entrepreneurial minds. Lots of energy and enthusiasm. Give them support on being focused and consistent. Each story of success and failure had a good potential of turning into sustainable businesses.”

Judges also guided the students on further improving their future plans about the businesses. After the presentations, students and judges had a networking session over delicious refreshments at the executive canteen.




    DICE-Invent 2014:
Karachi Workshop at IBA City Campus

The workshop besides been attended by IBA students was also attended by students from Commecs Institute of Business Education, IoBM, PCSIR's Institute of Industrial Electronic Engineering etc. Faculty members from some of universities of Karachi were also present in the workshop along with Ms. Yasmeen Zafar, Dr. Ather Elahi and Mr. Faisal Iradat from IBA. The workshop started by sharing with the participants the theories on pursuing entrepreneurship and innovation complemented by examples from some well known entrepreneurs and academicians. This session was conducted by Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Director, AMAN-CED. The second half of the workshop was conducted by Dr.Manfred Aksinant and Mr. Imran Khan (FCS Faculty member). Dr. Manfred coached the participants on the developing their ideas into opportunity by using IBA-AMAN-CED's Business Startup Model (BSM). Mr. Imran emphasized upon the application side using computer sciences in entrepreneurship and innovation.

The workshop ended with presentations on the business opportunities by the participants and a networking session..


    Guest Speaker Sessions for BBA  

Guest speaker sessions were conducted for the students of BBA 8th Semester as part of their essential classroom learning and also in order to inspire them on pursuing an entrepreneurial career upon their graduation in a month's time. CEO of 14thStreet Pizza, Mr. Tanveer Yousuf shared his story with the students and gave them some very valuable insights on running a business as dynamic as a pizza joint. CEO of MAS Enterprises, Mr. Avis Shuja talked to students about the journey of his company and his current plans for expansion with the introduction of new products in his company's portfolio. There were some common points on which both the CEOs emphasised - looking at the bigger picture and seeing things in the longer term perspective are very important for business continuation. They also emphasized on listening to the customers; Mr. Tanveer was very keen about feedback from students about the delicious pizzas served while still hot. Mr. Avais also in his address talked about solving problems of his customers and in turn making them happy through his innovative electronic products being sold under the name of Lido.



    DICE-Invent 2014:
Islamabad Workshops
    Islamabad workshops were conducted at three universities: Air University, COMSATS and Riphah University. A total of 750 students and around 25 faculty members were trained during the workshops.  

    DICE-Invent 2014:
Lahore Workshop at UMT, Lahore

    DICE-Invent 2014:
Sargodha Workshop at University of Sargodha


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    DICE-Invent 2014:
Faisalabad Workshop at University of Agriculture

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    DICE-Invent 2014:
Sukkur Workshop at Sukkur IBA

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    DICE-Invent 2014 Workshop
Quetta workshop at BUITEMS and University of Balochistan

    Dr. Ishrat Key Note Address  



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