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Training for Small and Medium Enterprises
(Empower Youth for Work Project)

Project Overview

SME sector is the backbone of Pakistan's economy. The significance of their role is clearly indicated by various statistics. According to more recent estimates there are approximately 3.2 million business enterprises in Pakistan. Enterprises employing up to 99 persons constitute over 90% of all private enterprises in the industrial sector and employ nearly 78% of the non-agriculture labor force. They contribute over 30% to the GDP and account 25% of exports of manufactured goods besides sharing 35% in manufacturing value added.

The SME sector is facing several issues hindering its growth including development of Entrepreneurial Mindset, Market Linkages, Development of better Products/Services, easy and financially viable access to raw material and better production methods etc. Smaller businesses don't possess the know-how to improve and grow their business after initial sustainability and lack managerial and operational skills to achieve this objective. They have limited exposure to global best practices in design, production and quality.

To address these issues, IBA has collaborated with OXFAM to work in Jamshoro and Layyah Districts for providing Business Development Support (BDS) to local Small & Medium Enterprises. The overall purpose of this project is to create more job opportunities for youth of Jamshoro and Layyah and to create positive social impact thorough supporting social enterprises.

The Business Development Support component under this project will assess SMEs capacities and support them through group and tailor made services to be competitive and impactful. Activities under this program will include technical assistance to improve process efficiency, developing marketing strategies, addressing packaging and branding needs, meeting domestic or international standards, accessing financial services, or anything that increases the efficiency or competitiveness of local SMEs.

Business Development Services Package for SMEs

SME Owners can grow and develop their businesses by availing following services of IBA:

Selection Criteria for SMEs

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