IBA Summer Entrepreneurship Camp (SEC) 2018 (Kids and Teens)

Entrepreneurship for Kids: The story behind

The new born babies of the animals and birds have the ability to learn very quickly and to keep on doing experiments to discover who they are and their surroundings. They do internships (apprenticeship) with their parents and very soon are equipped to create their own world. The honey bee and the beaver are amazing examples of innovation and creativity. Similarly, if we observe a newly born child, we find that they are also equipped with similar capabilities. Each and every born child is a masterpiece of the creator. Every day they learn new things and in few months they are able to communicate some way or the other, understand the surroundings, express themselves and respond. This journey of experimentation and learning is very fast in the early years. Every day is an adventure for the baby as he/she discovers his/her potential by experimenting and learning new things.

A close look at these babies and animals give us very interesting lessons on how they create a new world for themselves. They are hardworking, creative, innovative, resource parsimonious, demonstrate perseverance, exhibit team work, experiment, and in many ways are environmentally sensitive and work to benefit others. Many entrepreneurship researchers are looking at these small babies and baby animals and birds to understand the entrepreneurial phenomena.

When we look from the lens of the Effectuation theory of Entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurs follow the same route. They start with who they are, what they know, whom they know, take small steps with a calculated risk and remain open to surprises and collaboration. During our interaction with local indigenous entrepreneurs of Pakistan i.e. Chinioti, Memon, Sheikhs etc. the above findings were reinforced with an additional element of strong faith, purpose, meaning in life and an urge to serve and contribute. This led to the development of an Entrepreneurship Plus (E+) model. The E + model posits that a meaning and purpose in life leads to a high level of entrepreneurial characteristics and values that are very similar to those found in new born babies, birds and animals.

The AMAN Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) was initiated with a purpose to help the Pakistani youth understand and unleash their entrepreneurial potential. IBA CED has been offering various programs i.e. Women Entrepreneurship Program (WEP), Science and Technology Entrepreneurship (STEP), Agriculture and General Entrepreneurship (CIE) and Kids Entrepreneurship on the basis of our unique pedagogy i.e. Entrepreneurship Plus (E+) model.

IBA Summer Entrepreneurship Camp (SEC) 2018

Continuing its legacy of conducting summer camps for three consecutive years, for the year 2018, IBA CED has now planned to launch another Summer Camp for kids and teens. This summer camp will comprise of interactive, hands-on and fun-filled activities, becoming an avenue for students seeking a real world practical learning in addition to the textbook learning at school. IBA SEC aims to facilitate your child to find out their true entrepreneurial potential and to leverage their innate skills, creativity, passion and in-house slack resources to pursue a meaningful and purposeful goal in life. The program also focuses on character building and community based exercises to develop a mindset of service and contribution towards Pakistan.

The program will comprise of the following modules:

  • Mindset

  • Technology as a Tool

  • Hands-on

  • Learning



Mindset Module



Technology as a Tool



Hands-on Activities



Learning Hangouts


Who should Apply?

Students falling under the age bracket of 10 - 16 years


09:00am – 1:00 PM

Venue & Dates:

CED Building, IBA MAIN Campus, Karachi University, Circular Road

From June 25th, 2018 to July 14th, 2018

Classes 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday (4 hour/day)

Email ID: zafreen@iba.edu.pk, Phone: (+92) 38104700 ext. 2712, Cell: 0324-2462671

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