Technology Entrepreneurship Youth Camp 2016

Technology Entrepreneurship Youth Camp 2016
Technology Entrepreneurship Youth Camp 2016

AMAN CED – the think tank for creativity and innovation has yet another success story to its credit. For the last three years, AMAN CED has successfully conducted kid's entrepreneurship camp. This year, they have reached new heights with a collaboration with STEMERS where technology is also being focused with courses in Robotics and Game Development. Together, they have initiated a summer camp called Technology Entrepreneurship Youth Camp (TEYC). Covering the essential concepts of STEM education in an interactive, hands-on and fun model, this is just the avenue for students seeking a real world practical learning in addition to the textbook learning at school. (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The age group for the camp was between 10-17 years which makes up the large majority of the existing student pool. A small group of kids below the age of 10 years is also being catered this time around.

The courses covered in this camp are:

1. Robotics 101
2. Game Development
3. Be an Entrepreneurship

Course I: Robotics 101

General Overview:

+If automatic machinery, self driven cars and vehicles intrigue you, then Robotics 101 with Stemers is the perfect course for you. Get hands-on experience using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Kit. Learn, build and create wonderful robots.


- Introduction to robotics
- Basic building instructions
- Programming & Looping
- Sensors
- Motors
- Building complex robot designs
- Mathematical operations
- Challenging tasks
- Controlling robot using Android App

Technology Entrepreneurship Youth Camp 2016


- Drag & drop programming
- Titbits about the sensors and their working
- Train your robots to perform challenging tasks
- Make basic structures of robots
- Practical usage of sensors
- Implement mathematical concepts into robots


Step into the world of robotics. Students will tinker with tools and kits to design basic robotic structures and program them using simple "drag & drop" programming. The basic concepts of flowcharts and how they are programmed for your robot will be taught. They will understand the working principles of the sensors and tackle challenges to boost skills and also test the creativity in final test competitions. Students will learn to implement mathematical and physical concepts to create imaginative robotics.

Course II: Game Development

General Overview

Learn the steps needed to create simple platform games with STEMERS. Become familiar with gaming software interface to make your own games.


- Game Development History
- Introduction to software
- Creating character
- Behaviours
- Levels and Interface
- Audio
- Gameplay

Technology Entrepreneurship Youth Camp 2016


- Using intuitive building blocks to visually craft simple games and animations
- Make their creative ideas a reality
- Create an interactive life like avatars
- Be able to create the next Minecraft, eventually


This course will give you everything you need to provide a practical and fun foundation for students to fall in love with programming! What if instead of just playing games , they could actually make their own games with their imagination? They'll learn how to make simple games and animation using Scratch, a visual programming platform. More importantly, understand how simple it is to make their creative ideas a reality in today's world. Create own avatar characters and bring them to life.

Course III: Be an Entrepreneur

General Overview

Learn to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and problem solving attitude by case studies and hands on activities.


- Introduction to Entrepreneurship
- Case Study I – Roxanne Quimby
- Case Study II - Jawad Bhatti
- Video Case Study – Ice cream
- Business Model Canvas
- Etiquettes of doing Business
- Product development using unused stuff
- Sales activity
- Rocket pitch

Technology Entrepreneurship Youth Camp 2016


- be able to think positive
- learn to develop product from unused stuff present in our homes
- learn to model a complete business idea using business model canvas
- learn to sell products


This course will serve as an ideal launch pad and is an early start to future career paths for the student enrolled. Complete hands on activity of modeling their business ideas. Student will learn how to market, negotiate and buy under the supervision of experts in the field. These sessions encouraged the students to use their entrepreneurial and creative skills and come up with handmade articles using things available at home.

This Technology Entrepreneurship Youth Camp has served as an ideal launch pad and is an early start to future career paths for the student enrolled. This is very pertinent considering the competition job seekers face in Pakistan where survival of the fittest means leaving no stone unturned in enhancing one's potential. It is just a matter of time before we see these children growing up to take the leadership roles they are being so ardently trained for in this exciting summer camp.

Who should attend?

Children (age 9-12 years) and teenagers (age 13-16 years)

Venue, Dates & Timings
IBA Main Campus, Karachi University, Circular Road
From July 11, 2016 to July 31, 2016
Classes 6 days a week (3.5 hours daily)

PKR 17,500/Participant
Group Discount: 20% for 3 or more students.

Registration Link:

Email ID: , Phone: (+92) 38104700 ext. 2703 Cell: 0315 6426377

Registration deadline: June 27, 2016

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