Monday, 6th Feb 2017: Basic Computer Skills Session taken by Faiza Yousuf

Basic Computer Skills Session taken by Faiza Yousuf

The session's purpose was to affiliate the participants with IT skills that would help provide a competitive edge to their business operations in today's world. In order to inculcate the usage of internet and computers in their day-to-day business tasks, the instructor, Ms. Faiza Yousuf conducted her session in the computer lab so that the participants can learn through practical application.

The session begun by highlighting how technology has successfully transformed business dynamics and informed the participants of the use of some of the common technological devices such as computers, laptops, USBs, printers etc. The participants were then asked to perform basic operations such as searching for the calculator through the search option, creating a new folder, renaming it and saving files into it.

The last component of this session involved working on MS Paint where participants were asked to explore the various drawing tools in the software and were given a free hand as to what they wanted to draw provided that they use maximum drawing tools in this exercise.