Friday, 3rd Feb 2017: Business Model Canvas Activity conducted by Dr. Imran Khan

Business Model Canvas Activity conducted by Dr. Imran Khan

This session was conducted in order to help the participants refine their business model canvas. Dr. Imran Khan helped build upon the initial draft of the business model canvas that was prepared by the participants in the 1st session of this module. It helped the participants further identify the channels that they can use and come up with value proposition that will gain their business a Unique Selling Point (USP).

For a hands-on experience, Dr. Imran Khan asked the participants to bring their products and put them on display so as to analyze their value proposition. The products included embroidered clothes, homemade wax as well as arts and crafts. This helped other participants gain inspiration by their fellows and get an idea as to how they can create and deliver their own goods and services. The instructor conducted a selling activity where the participants showcased their products and went through a buying and selling process as a simulation process.