IBA CED 's Certificate students visited SUBHAN ALLAH Cattle & Dairy Farm

2nd January 2016, In continuity to explore the entrepreneurial opportunities associated with agricultural systems, participants of CIE program of IBA CED, went to Subhan Allah cattle and dairy farm located off the Karachi Hyderabad super high way near the toll plaza. The trip was arranged by the Program Manager CIE, IBA CED, and Mr. Muhammad Talha Azeem, Visiting faculty of CIE, IBA CED. The purpose of this trip was to showcase the status and potential of livestock businesses existing in the vicinity of Karachi city. In general, Pakistan’s livestock sector is very attractive and has greater potential of new venture creations thus holding a higher extent of entrepreneurial development. Pakistan holds one of the largest fleet of animals in the world including cattle, goats, sheep, poultry and camels and is ranked among the largest producers of milk and meat. Lack of commercialization, technology and management are the most limiting factors which stops this sector to exploit its full potential. In relation to this, participants of CIE program visited Subhan Allah Farm where they found an opportunity to see some of the finest breeds of cattle mainly reared for meat and sacrificial purpose. The farm owner accompanied the students to guide about his cattle farming experiences, opportunities and constraints. A separate herd of milking animals was also visited giving participants an understanding of management of milking animals, milking procedures and herd management. As a whole, the trip ended with an over whelming response and interest of the participants in opportunities associated with livestock sector. At the end, on behalf of IBA Mr. Muhammad Talha Azeem, Visiting faculty of IBA CED, presented shield to the owner of farm for his support and interest for this trip.

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