Orientation + Entrepreneurial Foundation Session held at BUITEMS QUETTA

Orientation + Entrepreneurial Foundation Session held at BUITEMS QUETTA

The session was formally opened by recitation of Quran by Mr. Abdullah, then an introductory speech was given by Dr. Shahid Qureshi, the Program Director. Dr. Qureshi introduced its various entrepreneurial programs and expressed great appreciation for the efforts of Aurat Foundation and the role of the Gender Equity Program in alleviating gender inequality. he briefly introduced the program & participants, then he debriefed the case of Roxanne Quimby.

Mr.Haroon daud, residential director, Aurat Foundation introduced the Gender Equity Program (GEP) to the participants. he explained that the program envisions to enhance equity, increase women empowerment and decrease gender based violence by expanding women rights and knowledge about their access to resources. He also expressed his best wishes for IBA at the launch of the entrepreneurship skills training program for Women Home-Based Workers along with the collaboration of GEP.

Ms. Soha Zulfiqar, Project Manager, Business Incubation Program for WHBWs then give brief introduction of whole training, Schedule & policies of attendance & stipend provided to participants.

After that, Dr. Shahid Qureshi joined the stage to briefly introduce the Effectuation & causation model of entrepreneurship and discussed the significance of developing an entrepreneurial mindset amongst the participants.

After that, everybody headed towards lunch and later joined in for the concluding remarks by Dr. Shahid Qureshi who summarized the entrepreneurship model.He thanked everyone for their participation.