Soft skills (time management +stress management) conducted by Madiha Iqbal

Soft skills (time management +stress management) conducted by Madiha Iqbal

The training module began with Mrs. Madiha Iqbal teaching strategic management to participants. She formally began the session by quoting the saying of Dwight D Eisenhower i.e. "things which are important are seldom urgent and things which are urgent are seldom important". She conducted activity asking the participants to write definition of word important per their own perceptions, developed a clear concept of important in the mind of participants. Moreover, she clears the difference between important and urgent, also discussed balance in life framework, ask the participants to write their elective & mandated roles.

After that, she discussed time quadrant system which includes four quads i.e.

Important vs urgent ---- Just do it

Important vs not urgent ---- Focus on it

Not important vs not urgent ---- Drop it

Not important vs urgent

She also discussed the technical definition of time management, strategic vision and possible elements of strategic vision. Ask the participants to fill different worksheet for clear understanding of concepts some of them are as following;

  • Important-Like Grid Sample Sheet
  • Classify activities based on likes and dislikes
  • Classify activities based on enjoy and don't enjoy

At last she discussed two steps for determining whether an activity is urgent or not, due to time constraint she was not able to teach stress management.