Our Vision

To become a premier center in promoting entrepreneurship and fostering a new culture of enterprise in Pakistan.

Our Mission

To become leader in training, nurturing, advocacy and research on entrepreneurship that advances the creation, growth and success of new, innovative enterprises. The Center's primary emphasis is to enable new generation of Pakistani entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into ventures, thereby adding substantial jobs, incomes and revenues to Pakistan's economy.

Our Role

IBA AMAN AMAN-CED is one of Pakistan’s premier academic institutions, given its mission and vision, its impact is not limited to just IBA students but it resonates with the larger community as it aims to inculcate a seismic shift in thinking and attitudes regarding entrepreneurial aspirations.  The role of AMAN-CED is to support creating new companies that add substantial jobs, incomes and revenues to Pakistan’s economy.

Unique About Us

The AMAN-CED has opened new avenues of growth and economic development for the country where employment opportunities have miserably shrinked over the past five years.  It has offered a practical alternative to boom the economic infrastructure and has given a new field of education to the youth who suffer with limited choice amongst business specializations being offered in Pakistan. 

Moreover, the Center has been successful in creating a platform and think tank which will drive innovation and creativity in this part of the globe.  It is capitalizing on the phenomenon that majority of the population in the country is of youth, and it aims to enable the youth and women with the power to establish their own enterprise, thus reviving the worsening unemployment situation and providing sustainability to the economic infrastructure.

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