Building High Impact Entrepreneurial and Incubation Centers in Pakistan

Building High Impact Entrepreneurial and Incubation Centers in Pakistan

IBA Aman Center for Entrepreneurial Development conducted two days' workshop on "Building High Impact Entrepreneurial and Incubation Centers in Pakistan" on 13 and 14 March, 2017. The purpose of this workshop was to facilitate different Pakistani universities in developing their entrepreneurial and incubation centers. Dr. Shahid Qureshi (Program Director Aman-CED IBA Karachi) opened the first session in which he shared the experience of Aman-CED i.e academic programs of entrepreneurship, incubation center and compared and contrasted different incubation models which were operating locally as well as globally. Moreover, different success stories of IBA Incubation Program (i.e Stallion Deliveries, Technyx System, were also presented and the role of IBA Incubation Center was explained.

The second session of the first day was conducted by Mr. Abid Malik. (Mr. Abid Malik has successfully exited three startups in Silicon Valley, USA). He emphasized on building foundation of the entrepreneurial and incubation centers through purpose, vision, mission, values and principles. Furthermore, he also discussed the structure of these centers. Mr. Abid said that the dynamics of the entrepreneurial centers were the same as of the startup ventures. Therefore, team building, decentralization of decision making, and developing concrete milestones help in developing high impact entrepreneurial and incubation centers.

Abid Malik started the second day of the workshop by opening the floor for the participants to put forward their challenges/issues. Then a brainstorming session was held to find out potential solutions. As all of these universities were planning to develop some academics programs of entrepreneurship therefore Dr. Najam Anjum shared the journey of Entrepreneurship for Engineers Program which was developed at Aman-CED, IBA Karachi. Then Dr. Imran Khan shared the business canvas model and elaborated that how can this canvas be used to develop business model for entrepreneurial and incubation centers.

As the entrepreneurs are the direct beneficiaries of the entrepreneurial centers therefore getting their input was equally important. Hence a panel discussion of five founders/CEOs of different startups of IBA's incubatees was held after lunch. They highlighted the following benefits which every incubation center should offer:

a) Mentoring
b) Networking
c) Affordable Office Space
d) Credibility through endorsement
e) 24 hours' accessibility of incubation centers
f) Helping them to prepare for investment pitches

Dr. Shahid Qureshi and Abid Malik concluded the workshop and emphasized that we should make indigenous models of entrepreneurial and incubation centers by keeping in view the contemporary needs of the young startups and our country. At the end, participants were awarded the certificates. The professors and managers from the following universities attended this workshop:

I) Sukur IBA
III) Mehran University of Engineering and Technology-Jamshoro
IV) Riphah International University-Islamabad
V) The Agha Khan University and Hospital-Karachi
VI) University of Karachi
VII) Dawood University of Engineering and Technology-Karachi

Building High Impact Entrepreneurial and Incubation Centers in Pakistan
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