IBA CED Graduated Incubatee Company "Embarc" becomes the first Pakistani company to be listed in the Service Provider Network of Amazon Sellers.

Embarc was started as a tech startup from IBA CED in 2017 by IBA BBA Alumni Mr. Osama, Mr. Farid, and Mr. Arsalan. Under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Shahid Qureshi Program Director IBA CED, and other faculty members of IBA. They made phenomenal progress and now are the first company having Pakistani owners listed on the SPN-Amazon

Embarc had humble beginning, with a small team of just five members, one client and hardly any revenue for first six months the team kept on going. Later, coupled with the business acumen of Mr. Shahzaib, who joined them as a business development expert and sheer team effort, they expanded the business into consulting services for textile manufacturers in Pakistan, and brought big names on Amazon.

Currently, having offices in China and USA, while operating more than 30+ clients on Amazon, they are a team of 25+ members, now. They have built more than 15+ brands on Amazon from scratch, in multiple markets such as UAE, Japan, Australia, Europe, etc. Embarc has a core focus on textile products and has proudly labeled their products 'Made in Pakistan'. They were recently invited by the ministry of commerce to discuss and assist the potential of the Pakistan SME sector on Amazon and how can Pakistan speed up the process of bringing them to Amazon.

For Further Details:
Email: osama@embarcdeals.com
Website: https://www.embarcdeals.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/embarcdeals

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IBA CED Graduated Incubatee Company
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