IBA CED: Promoting Entrepreneurship Online During COVID-19 Lockdown

Promoting Entrepreneurship Online During COVID-19 Lockdown

In the prevailing lockdown following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) at IBA Karachi has taken steps to offer an online course: The Entrepreneurial Mindset, which also includes interaction with international guest speakers. The online course covers different topics of entrepreneurship. More than 4,000 participants from 30 different countries, and from across Pakistan have registered for CED's online course on The Entrepreneurial Mindset.

IBA CED has also arranged online guest speaker sessions with prominent professors, experts, business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe. The audience for these online guest speaker sessions include undergrad & graduate students of entrepreneurship at IBA, students from different programs offered by the CED, students of online course: The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Entrepreneurship faculty from different universities of Pakistan.

In addition to the well accomplished entrepreneurial leaders from Pakistan, some globally renowned professors, experts and leaders from world class universities such as Babson College and Darden School of Business have also conducted online sessions for CED students, including:

Dr. Saras Sarasvathy: Dr. Saras is the founder of the Effectuation Theory of Entrepreneurship and currently associated with Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. The effectuation theory of entrepreneurship is suitable for developing countries as it advocates to start small with the least amount of resources available. IBA CED has been a supporter of, and is teaching the effectuation theory of entrepreneurship since 2012. 195 participants from all over Pakistan attended the live session of Dr. Saras.

Dr. Dianne Welsh: Dr. Dianne is the Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Founding Director of the Entrepreneurship Programs at The University of North Carolina Greensboro. She has previously founded two entrepreneurship programs/centers and has held three endowed professorships. She conducted online session with the participants of different women entrepreneurship batches of CED.

Kevin Mulcahy: Kevin is the author of the book "The Future Workplace Experience" and is engaged with the Entrepreneurship Division at Babson College. He has previously also been associated with Executive Education at Harvard Business School. He conducted a session about building creative revenue models for startups which was attended by 88 participants from all over Pakistan.

Following are the details of the online sessions and outreach statistics of the online guest speaker session conducted between, 12 – 25 April 2020. More guest speaker sessions are further planned during the up-coming weeks:

International Entrepreneurship Day
Date Guest Speaker No. of Attendees
Dr. Shahid Qureshi: Dr. Shahid is the Associate Professor and Program Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) at IBA Karachi. He has held multiple online sessions in March and April with the student groups of different programs of CED from various cities i.e Jamshoro, Quetta, Faisalabad, Gujranwala. The objective of these sessions was to motivate these students and young entrepreneurs to remain positive in these challenging days. 110
11th April, 2020 Dr. Asif Jaffer: Dr. Asif Jaffer is the Assistant Professor at IBA and teaches the taxation, accounting and finance at CED. He took online session with the participants of EYW and discussed Taxation related issues of SMEs. The students of EYW are the entrepreneurs from Jamshoro. 23
12th April, 2020 Mr. Siddique Shaikh, Director Indus Hospital and Prominent Business Leader of Karachi 130
12th April, 2020 Mr. Mahmood Ali, Owner Karachi Foods. Mr. Mahmood started selling Haleem on foot Path few decades ago and now owns a chain of restaurants called Karachi Food. 130
12th April, 2020 Mr. Arifullah Hussaini, Vice Admiral ®, Pak Navy. Mr. Hussaini served Pakistan Navy for about three decades. Now he is involved in different projects pertaining to the nation building activities which specifically target the youth of Pakistan. 130
13th April, 2020 Mr. Imran Azeem: Mr. Imran Azeem is a consultant for SMEs. He an online session for EYW participants and discussed Business Modeling. The students of EYW are the entrepreneurs from Jamshoro. The objective of this session was to help these young entrepreneurs in developing robust business models. 25
14th April, 2020 Ms. Sarah Iqbal: Budding Entrepreneur
Mr. Safdar Hussain: Marketing Consultant.
14th April, 2020 Dr. Amjad Saqib: Dr. Amjad Saqib was an ex civil servant who left DMG group in order to help the poor community for self-sustenance. He founded Akhuwat, a micro finance entity which lends community based money for starting a small business with no any interest charges. It is the largest microfinance entity in the world which charges zero interest rate. 175
14th April, 2020 Mr. Adeel Anwar: Baitusslam Welfare Trust, HR Consultant. 110
15th April, 2020 Mr. Munawar Jamal: Mr. Munawar Jamal is a marketing consultant who has worked with different MNCs. He conducted an online session on digital marketing with the students of Empower Youth for Work (EYW) project of CED. The students of EYW are the entrepreneurs from Jamshoro. The objective of this session was to help these young entrepreneurs in marketing their products/services more efficiently. 25
19th April, 2020 Mr. M Anwar Dar: Mr. Anwar Dar owns the Dollar East Co & GIFT University Gujranwala. He belonged to very economically humble family and started small businesses few decades ago. With his commitment and value based business practices, he became a prominent business leader. 110
19th April, 2020 Dr. Abdul Bari Khan: Dr. Abdul Bari Khan is heart surgeon by profession who started serving his community form the early stage of his career. He founded Patients' Welfare Association (PWA) at Dow University of Health Sciences when he was student there. After completing his education and serving in different public sector hospitals, he founded Indus Hospital which provides health facilities to the poor people of the country without free of cost. 110
21st April, 2020 Mr. Imtiaz Ghani: Mr. Imtiaz is the CEO of Ghani Group. Ghani Group of Companies commonly known as Ghani Group is a Pakistani multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It encompasses different business sectors: Mining, Glass, Poultry and Automobiles. 65
21st April, 2020 Dr. Dianne Welsh, University of North Carolina 72
23rd April, 2020 Dr. Sara Sarasvathy, Darden University 195
25th April, 2020 Mr. Kevin Mulcahy, Part Time Faculty at Babson College 86
Total Participants 1,551


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