Guest Speaker Session on Fraud Awareness by Sanjeev Gathani From Singapore

9th January, 2016: Mr Sanjeev Gathani is a Certified Fraud Examiner and is a licensed private investigator in Singapore. His holds technical expertise in Anti-Bribery & Compliance, Data Privacy & Security, GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) & Fraud Management – Prevention, Detection & Investigation. With his MBA degree from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, he also holds the professional certifications of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Sarbanes-Oxley Professional (CSOXP), Advanced Toastmaster (ATM) & Licensed Private Investigator in Singapore. His professional experience stems over a period of 10 years by serving in reputed MNCs like Goodyear Singapore, Caerus Global Search & Advisory Singapore/Hong Kong, CROCS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Exxon Mobil Chemical Asia Pacific etc. Currently, he heads GRC practice in Straits Interactive, Singapore.

Being an expert on financial forensics and fraud investigation he conducted a session of Fraud analysis and data security on Saturday, 9th of January 2016 during the Dr. Shahid Qureshi’s Entrepreneurial Management EMBA class, at IBA-CED. It was an informative session that focused on different types of fraud and how to think like a fraudster to be able to crack fraud. Following is the summary of the session.

How many of you believe, deep down in your heart that you have never committed fraud in life? A very important and moving question with which the speaker broke the ice with the audience. He further defined fraud as an act with intent of personal and financial gain focused on wrongful deeds or deception. No one from the audience could claim that he or she has never committed fraud in life. He moved further by classifying three basic elements of fraud as Misrepresentation, Deception and Reliance - Someone’s reliance on that misrepresentation. He shared several examples of events and cases and that what made the session so exciting and interesting.

The speaker demonstrated sound knowledge of the subject matter and his delivery style was unusual but effective in getting the message across to the students with loads of examples so that students could understand the underlying messages behind each of the themes that were discussed.

Sanjeev concluded his talk by sharing various incidents of using ICT i.e mobile applications and social media to do a fraud. He shared his experience on how to safe guard from fraudulent practices.

Overall, a very interesting seminar with loads of examples so that students could understand the underlying messages behind each of the themes that were discussed & the audience remained enthralled by the appealing style of the knowledgeable speaker throughout the 3-hour long session. After the session the students showered Mr Sanjeev with questions and he answered all of them as daintily as he had conducted the entire plenary. The feedback received by the students was spectacular and they remarked it as one of the most informative and interesting session thus far.



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