IBA-CED's Case Writing Team participated in a Case Conference in Lahore

IBA-CED's Case Writing Team participated in a Case Conference in Lahore

April 22-23, 2017: IBA AMAN-CED's case writing team is in the phase of developing a repository of teaching cases on the lives of different entrepreneurs. These cases are sent and presented in various case conferences held across the globe. Due to the dearth of literature available on women entrepreneurs, zealous efforts are being made at AMAN-CED to develop cases on them. One such case was written on the life of a young budding women entrepreneur, named as 'ABAA'. The case was accepted in the SEDC International Conference on "Gender, Work and Society", held in Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore. It was presented in the Conference by one of the members of the CED's case writing team.

It was a 2 day Conference which focused on the "Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects for Women's Economic Empowerment". The session was formally opened by the Keynote speaker, Professor Edwina Pio from New Zealand. She shared her views on gender hegemonies, the reality of an entrepreneurial eco-system, and how entrepreneurship can play a role in the eco-system of Pakistan. After the introductory session, the participants were divided into various groups to present their cases.

The topics of the presented cases covered various aspects of women empowerment, including Feminism & Islam, Facilitation of women entrepreneurship, women in the informal economy etc. The case study on 'ABAA' was presented in the cases section, which focused on the journey of Hareem Zahid, a young and passionate entrepreneur, who by leveraging on her innate God-gifted capabilities of creativity and entrepreneurship was able to embark on a home-based online Abaya venture. Her story depicted that how a high spiritual orientation along with an entrepreneurial mindset led her to do something which created real value and helped her to live a meaningful life. The key underlying factors of the case were: a family-orientated ownership structure, effectuation-based management philosophy, and the role of a woman towards the contribution of the society all for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

The Conference wrapped up by a closing session by Dr. Jawed Syed, the Dean of Suleman Dawood School of Business (LUMS). The conference provided a platform for interaction and discussion which helped in gaining further insights on the improvement of the case. Furthermore, it will also facilitate in the opening up of publishing avenues for our case studies.

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