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The Mindset Behind IEES 2018

Entrepreneurship has been widely accepted as a means to transform minds, economies and living standards of people. It has unleashed itself in various forms and is breaking the traditional barriers of age, education, gender etc. to pursue an entrepreneurial career. The concepts of effectuation (Darden), ETA (Entrepreneurial Thought and Action) (Babson) and Lean startup methodology (Stanford) has transformed the entrepreneurship pedagogy.

This disruption in entrepreneurship teaching is manifesting itself in various forms i.e. Goldman Sachs entrepreneurship program for women and small business, the Flatiron school offering four months program in ICT based entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship program for seniors & ex-service men, technology entrepreneurship, agriculture entrepreneurship, "A hen a kid" in Africa and the Bare foot college movement in India has transformed the life of millions. Moreover, Akhuwat foundation is writing history in Pakistan by introducing the concept of zero interest micro-finance.

Entrepreneurship is moving beyond making money and is in search of solutions which are socially, ethically, economically and environmentally sustainable and make the world a better place. Many researchers and programs are looking towards metaphysical and spiritual motives which lead to inner satisfaction. Hence. Pakistan with a huge population of young people needs to capitalize entrepreneurship and engage its youth in productive and constructive activities.

The IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) was created in 2010 to play a major role in promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan and to contribute in the development of an entrepreneurial eco-system.

More than 500 faculty members throughout the country have been trained at IBA CED and many of them are contributing in innovative and creative ways to teach and promote entrepreneurship. Moreover, around 5000 people have benefited through various programs at CED.

IEES 2018

Over the years, IBA CED has initiated the following:

IEES 2018

International Entrepreneurship Educators Symposium (IEES) 2018
IEES 2018

In light of these findings, this year IBA CED is organizing a 2 days' symposium for entrepreneurship educators at IBA, Karachi. The purpose of this symposium is to prepare the future entrepreneurship faculty members by sharing the latest developments happening at Darden, Babson, Stanford, China, Holland, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Canada and India etc.

The symposium entails the following components:

Introduction to the E+ (Entrepreneurship Plus) model The latest developments in the Effectuation theory of Entrepreneurship Pre-effectuation exercises (Self, Purpose, ASK) followed by Post-Effectuation exercises (Innovation, SEERS)
An introduction to "ETA" Entrepreneurial Thought and Action i.e. Babson Methodology An introduction to Business-startup models (Lean and optimization) The IBA CED model presentations
Entrepreneurship teaching experiences in Hyderabad, Sukkur, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore etc. Entrepreneurship teaching experiences in Darden, Babson, Stanford, China, Holland, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Canada and India Keynote speeches on E+ model
Who should Apply?
IEES 2018

IEES 2018

Date: 10th and 11th August (Friday & Saturday)

Venue: IBA CED, Main Campus

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

Faculty: A mix of Local and International faculty from US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Germany and Thailand will be sharing their experiences.

Registration Fee: PKR 15,000/= inclusive of lunch, course material, tea and certificates.

Email: ced@iba.edu.pk

Tel: 021-38104700 (Ext 2708)

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