4th IBA International Entrepreneurship Educators Symposium (IEES) 2019

4th IBA International Entrepreneurship Educators Symposium (IEES) 2019

The IBA AMAN Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) was created in 2010 to play a major role in promoting entrepreneurship in Pakistan and to contribute in the development of an entrepreneurial eco-system. In light of the various successful projects conducted by the Center, this year again IBA AMAN CED organized 4th International Entrepreneurship Educators Symposium on 3rd & 4th Aug, 2019 at main campus IBA, Karachi. The purpose of this symposium was to prepare the future entrepreneurship faculty members by sharing the latest developments happening at Pakistan, Darden, Babson, Stanford, China, Holland, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Canada and India etc.

The 1st day of the symposium commenced with an introductory speech of Dr. Shahid Qureshi (Program Director, CED). The topic was "Discussion on Global & National Entrepreneurship Education Eco-systems". Dr. Shahid explained the emerging Entrepreneurship model worldwide and the role of IBA AMAN CED in bringing about an entrepreneurial revolution within the country. He elaborated on the Indigenous Entrepreneurship Teaching Material, Entrepreneurship Research, an indigenous Entrepreneurship model called "E+ (Entrepreneurship Plus) Model" and various Outreach programs (including: Women Entrepreneurship, Technology Entrepreneurship, Kids Entrepreneurship)." He further stated, "IBA AMAN CED helps people to recognize their bird-in-hand (who you are, what you know and whom you know) and how to start businesses with the least amount of resources."

The session was further graced by the presence of various national guest speakers hailing from different universities including: Dr. Zahoor (Ex-Vice Chancellor – LUMS), Dr. Farooq Jamal (Faisalabad), Dr. Irfan Siddiqui (UCP – Lahore), Dr. Beenish Malik (University of Baluchistan, Quetta), Mr. Ikhtiar Khoso (Sukkur IBA University) etc. Moreover, each faculty member shared their own experiences on how they are promoting entrepreneurship within their universities.

The conference also included a research track where faculty members from various institutes in Karachi presented their research papers on topics related to Entrepreneurship. The papers included, Small & Medium Enterprises and taxation by Mr. Farhan Ahmed (NED), Entrepreneurial traits and small-firm performance with entrepreneurial orientation as a mediating factor by Ms. Tazeen Ahmed (SZABIST Karachi), Developing the entrepreneurial skills amongst young learners through play by Dr. Najmonnisa Khan (SZABIST Karachi), Rural Women Entrepreneurship by Dr. Manzoor Ali (SZABIST Karachi), Entrepreneurial Intentions of STEM undergraduates (Mehran University – Hyderabad) etc.

4th IBA International Entrepreneurship Educators Symposium (IEES) 2019

Building upon this discussion, the IEES 2019 conducted the 2nd day of the conference in the G & T Auditorium at IBA Main Campus. The session was attended by around 200 participants including: national & international faculty, international students attending the IBA Entrepreneurship Summer School (hailing from Ukraine, US, UK, Australia etc.) and various other entrepreneurs running small-scale ventures within Pakistan. The session commenced with a welcome speech from Dr. Sayeed Ghani (Acting- Executive Director, IBA Karachi) who appreciated this initiative and stated that it can play a major role in promotion of Entrepreneurship. What followed next was a speech by Dr. Ulrike Guelich (Faculty of Social Entrepreneurship, Thailand) who shared her Thailand experiences on entrepreneurship.

Following that, Dr. Shahid Qureshi elaborated further on the indigenous Entrepreneurship Plus (E+) model developed at AMAN CED and the emerging entrepreneurship models in universities like Darden, Babson etc. He stated, "Our purpose is to facilitate the Pakistani youth to build entrepreneurial ventures which are socially, environmentally and ethically sustainable and are working for the well-being of the economy."

This was followed by a panel discussion where entrepreneurs from different backgrounds shared their entrepreneurial journeys with great enthusiasm. The panel discussion was followed by a guest speaker session of a renowned social entrepreneur, Dr. Abdul Bari Khan (CEO of Indus Hospital) who spoke on the topic "How to work without money?" Dr. Bari stated, "I started off with the minimal amount of resources and eventually built Indus Hospital with a vision of benefitting the humanity."

Furthermore, Dr. Ayesha Khan (CEO – Acumen Fund) inspired the audience with a speech on social entrepreneurship. Following that, Mr. Moin-ul-Atiq (Faculty member at DHA Suffah University) gave a speech on the importance of adopting the trait of positive thinking in entrepreneurship. Lastly, Dr. Hans Micheal (Faculty of Family Business, Thailand) shared his entrepreneurial views and experiences of Thailand.

On an ending note, Dr. Qaiser Muneer (Director CBER & Director ORIC - IBA) gave certificates to the participants for their valuable participation in the symposium.

4th IBA International Entrepreneurship Educators Symposium (IEES) 2019
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