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Global Mothers' Entrepreneurship Camp (G-MEC)
About Us

The world is looking for a new generation of young men and women who have a noble purpose and meaning in life and who can make this World a better place. This will be only possible with the help of a new breed of mothers having an entrepreneurial mindset.

Mother's Entrepreneurship Camp is designed for mothers to help them unleash their entrepreneurial potential, develop important life skills and values & then translate that in their kids. The program highlights the importance of ethical, environmental and social sensitivities for preparing the future generation. We believe that mothers can play a vital role in this nation building activity. According to Iqbal

G-MEC Modules

Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Know yourself
  • Explore your child's habit, hobby, and passion.
  • Creative and innovation with slack resources

Effectual Skills

  • Principles of Effectuation
  • Effectual Thinking

Leading a Purposeful & Meaningful Life

  • Inculcating Strong Value System
  • Modes of Parenting
  • Stages of Parenting

Environmental Social & Ethical Sensitivities

  • Ethics and Values
  • Humility and Gratitude
  • Contribution Towards Society
Program Highlights
  • Experiential and Situational learning
  • Enriched Contemporary and Indigenous content
  • 2 days one-to-one Business, Family and Life Coaching Sessions
  • Exclusive complimentary session for Fathers
  • Networking opportunity with IBA CED Alumni
  • Well managed Online Sessions
Program Details

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5th-9th Aug, 2020

Days & Timings

5 Days

2:30 - 5:30pm


PKR: 12,000/

*Special 10% discounts for IBA CED Alumni and group of 3 participants

Global Mothers' Entrepreneurship Camp (G-MEC)
  • Global Mothers' Entrepreneurship Camp (G-MEC)
  • Global Mothers' Entrepreneurship Camp (G-MEC)
  • Global Mothers' Entrepreneurship Camp (G-MEC)

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Program Coordinator: Misbah Amin
Email +92 38104700 Ext. 2706
Email +92 (333) 3044826
Email IBA AMAN Center for Entrepreneurial Development