MoU Signed Between IBL Operations Pvt. Ltd. and TechnoSync Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (IBA Aman CED Incubatee)


April 23, 2016: MoU Signed Between IBL Operations Pvt. Ltd. and TechnoSync Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (IBA Aman CED Incubatee)

IBA Aman CED is proud to announce the graduation of its technology incubatee TechnoSync Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in a celebration marked through the signing of an MoU between the incubatee and IBL Operations Pvt. Ltd. TechnoSync Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a startup established by IBA's graduate Mr. Fawwad M. Haider who created his company with the vision of become a valuable member of the industry through bringing innovative technology and solutions to make business processes less time consuming through automation. TechnoSync Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will help IBL Operations Pvt. Ltd. introduce a new retail model through employing the use of the latest vending machines across the market.

The MoU ceremony was marked by the presence of the Acting Dean & Director of IBA, Dr. Sayeed Ghani, the Registrar, Capt. Retd. Ahmed Zaheer, the Manager CED Mr. Fawad Mahdi and his team. IBL Operations Pvt. Ltd. was represented by Mr. Asad Abudulla (Director and General Manager), Mr. Arshad Anis (MD), Mr. Khalid Dar, Mr. Syed Atik Ali, Mr. Qasim Qayyum, Mr. Asif Ahmed Khan, Mr. Rao Salman, Mr. Rizwan Ahmed, Mr. Arifullah Qureshi, Mr. Arif Nadeem Zaidi and Mr. Syed Safdar Ali.

Introducing the guests to IBA, the Registrar quickly went over IBA's rich 60 years history and described the monumental changes that took place at IBA over the past 8 years. These changes were realized due to the vision of Dr. Ishrat Husain who retired from his post as Dean & Director of IBA last month. The IBA Aman-CED, initially a project proposed by the US Government, was launched officially 5 years ago thanks to the contribution from the Aman Foundation to groom and train the next generation of entrepreneurs. Following his introduction, Mr. Fawad Mahdi shared the changing dynamics of Entrepreneurship with the guests stating that the Effectual Style of Entrepreneurship requires keen eyed individuals to identify opportunities in the market, gather a team and after starting small, develop the resources to build themselves, which is antithesis to the concept that resources are required to launch a business. Sharing success stories from the IBA Aman-CED, the event proceeded to the signing ceremony. Mr. Fawwad Haider and Mr. Asad Abdulla (Director and General Manager IBL Operations Pvt. Ltd.) signed the MoU recognizing the new relationship between the companies. Following the signing ceremony, guests were given a tour of the IBA Aman-CED where approximately 40 new startups are currently operating.



The newly established Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) at the IBA is a breeding ground for new business startups by the students. The Center hosts more than 40 incubator and accelerator companies in its premises and provides a conducive research and development environment for innovation, and turning ideas into business opportunities. It aims to put Karachi on the entrepreneurial map of the world. IBA has a 10 year collaborative partnership with Babson College in Boston which is the top most entrepreneurship institute in USA.

About TechnoSync Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Our business philosophy allows us to offer products and solutions that make us a company which fill the technology gaps that exist in organizations and aim to synchronize the business processes in order foster growth and sustainability for our clients.

We at Techno Sync believe that our customers are an integral part of our business and we aim to be a company driven primarily by customer needs. Standing out in the market with the best support services solutions is our aim and we aspire to achieve that through high levels of customer engagement and investing in training for our employees to support our business services.

Following are the major functional areas which would be catered to with what we have on offer:

Point of Sales Solution
ESL Solution
Vending Solution
Managed Print Services
IT Hardware and Services
Scanning and Archiving Solution

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