Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP)

About the Course

The IBA Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP), is designed to help and facilitate participants to be able to identify and follow-up on various opportunities – in the business and non-business context to help them perform better and set & achieve goals the right way. The course will focus on using the Entrepreneurship Plus Model® to help participants discover their potential, arming them with skills and attitude to work with the least possible resources. The course will also focus on learning of effectual skills to help participants grow personally and professionally, and develop new leadership abilities. Lastly, the course will help the participants to develop an entrepreneurial mindset which would help them improve their outlook on life, and rewire their cognition – being able to use entrepreneurial reasoning in different life situations and challenges.

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The discussion topics include but not limited to:

Who should attend?

The IBA OEP is designed to help all individuals – regardless of their age, socioeconomic class and employment nature – develop and realize their potential. However, to benefit from the course completely, it is recommended that individuals with a high school graduation, and regular access to the internet apply for the course.

Learning highlights

Course Formats

The IBA OEP will be available in two formats: Beginner level, and Advanced level

Beginner level

Advanced level

- The details of Entrepreneurship Plus Model and the effectuation theory of entrepreneurship

- Gain an understanding on how to apply the E Plus model in various settings

- An understanding and the application of the Business Startup Model to start a business or introduce innovation in an existing business

- How to be creative in understanding and reaching your customers

- How to mobilize resources

- How to ensure environmental, social and ethical sensitivity

- How to grow: Blue Ocean Strategy

- Access to interactive local and international guest speaker sessions

- Course pack with learning material and activities

- Verifiable and shareable IBA course completion certificate

- Beginner Level Course Fee
Pakistani Participants: PKR 5,000/-
International Participants: USD 35/-

- Advanced Course include all features of basic course plus:

- Additional online modules on Entrepreneurial Leadership, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Entrepreneurial Finance, Strategy, Legal Issues in business startups

- One-one online mentoring with IBA CED team and alumni

- Access to additional guest speaker sessions with local and international faculty and entrepreneurs

- Access to interactive guest speaker sessions with IBA Faculty

- Verifiable and shareable IBA course completion certificate

- Premium Course Fee
Pakistani Participants: PKR 10,000/-
International Participants: USD 70/-


Program faculty

In case of queries, please do not hesitate to contact your regional coordinators for assistance:

Coordinator Name


Email Address

Contact Number

Rao Israr Ahmed


+92 333 2736710

Hassan Raza Tumbi

+92 312 3039514

Ammar Qureshi


+92 332 4499818

Raza Ul Mustafa

+92 336 2443962

Muhammad Talha


+92 347 8743898

Muhammad Talha


+92 347 8743898

Muhammad Shahid Iqbal                         

Gilgit Baltistan

+92 346 2736467

Muhammad Shahid Iqbal                         

Azad Kashmir

+92 346 2736467

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