Press Release-IBA Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP)

The onset of global pandemic of COVID-19 has been no different, and has prompted IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) to explore different, and more need of the time models of learning to ensure that its mission and vision is not halted even momentarily. In light of the same, the CED team is delighted to announce the launch of IBA Online Entrepreneurship Program – IBA OEP (29 June– 15 August 2020).

The course, The Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP), is designed to help and facilitate participants to be able to identify and follow-up on various opportunities – in the business and non-business context to help them perform better and set & achieve goals the right way. The course will focus on using the Entrepreneurial Plus Model® to help participants discover their potential, arming them with skills and attitude to work with least possible resources. The course will also focus on learning of effectual skills to help participants grow personally and professionally, and develop new leadership abilities. Lastly, the course will help participants learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to help them improve their outlook on life, and rewire their cognition – being able to use entrepreneurial reasoning in different life situations and challenges.

The IBA OEP is designed to help all individuals – regardless of their age, socioeconomic class and employment nature – develop and realize their potential. However, to benefit from the course completely, it is recommended that individuals with a high school graduation, and regular access to the internet apply for the course.

Currently, we have approximately 300 participants registered for IBA-OEP – for the beginner and advance level together. IBA-OEP is comprised of a diverse range of participants from across the country. We are also pleased to share that 11 international participants are part of the IBA-OEP program.

The course has officially started, and participants have received course material for two weeks which they have thoroughly enjoyed. The course material is designed specifically by CED, IBA Karachi to help participants develop and entrepreneurial mindset using principles of effectuation to be successful personally and professionally. Participants from both course levels have also been given an orientation session over ZOOM for the program – which detailed the etiquette required during the program for optimal learning and results. In addition, participants from both course levels have also had engagement session with Dr. Shahid Qureshi via Zoom – where course material and the case study assigned for the week was discussed. Dr. Shahid engaged the audience through enabling direct participation, discussion and relating the real-life characters of the case.

IBA-OEP has also held successful guest speaker session with local entrepreneurial success stories to allow participants a firsthand understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, and entrepreneurial cognition. More guest speaker session with local and global entrepreneurs, as well as renowned faculty from national and international universities have been planned throughout the course to enrich the learning experience.

A recording of all sessions has also been made accessible for participants who have been unable to attend the live sessions.

Press Release-IBA Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP)
Press Release-IBA Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP)
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