Success Stories

Creative Bull
Creative Bull has been co-founded by Abdullah Soomro (2012 IBA Alumnus) and Abdullah Khan who share a passion for entrepreneurship and web startups. Creative Bull is part of the ‘Incubation Program’ run by Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). The team at Creative Bull is excited to be part of the CED Incubator Program and intends to launch another web startup soon.

It is the next-generation, integrated startup digital media agency which provides innovative digital marketing solutions. Although it is a recent entrant into the digital media industry, it has grown quickly owing to its solid grasp of digital media which is both science and art. Since its inception, its focus has been on three key principles:

  1. Our digital media efforts are results-driven
  2. Our strategies and campaigns are grounded in well-rounded research
  3. Our efforts are aimed at turning our client’s digital media presence into an industry benchmark

Their three areas of service are:

  1. Social Media: They help companies explore the social media landscape and how they could utilize it to achieve their business objectives. As a result, they strategize and manage their presence on major social media platforms.

  2. Internet Marketing: At Creative Bull, ‘Internet Marketing’ is an umbrella term encompassing digital advertising (Facebook, Google and other 3rd party advertising networks), blogging, web analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and email marketing.

  3. Branding: As part of branding services, we provide Brand Identity Design, Website Design & Development, and Facebook Applications Design & Development services.

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