IBA Online Summer Entrepreneurship Camp (SEC) for Teens 2022
Enabling young minds to unleash their entrepreneurial potential!

IBA's Center for Entrepreneurial Development brings an exciting opportunity for young minds! The IBA Online Summer Entrepreneurship Camp for Teens 2022 is an exciting 8 day program aimed at developing young leaders with an entrepreneurial edge.

The camp is based on online experiential learning compelling participants to unleash their entrepreneurial potential. Along with fun-filled online activities and effectual learning, the program offers participants the opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial ideas, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, master essential life skills, learn core values and develop a strategy to deal with uncertainty after COVID-19. The program is designed to act as a catalyst to participants starting, growing and managing their own ventures. This camp endeavours to teach the following:

  • The entrepreneurial thought process, creativity, and innovation
  • How to work with the least amount of resources (Effectuation)
  • Meaning and purpose in life
  • How to live a life of resilience, parsimony and operate in uncertainty?
  • Know yourself/ discover your passion

Participants will benefit from live interactive sessions, activities, guest speaker sessions as well as experiential learning activities. Upon completion of the program students will be presented a certificate signed by IBA's Center for Entrepreneurial Development.

  • Mindset Module

    Introduction to Entrepreneurship 101

    This module focuses on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset (working with the least amount of resources), enabling the students to recognize their true entrepreneurial potential and area of interest. Tools for teaching will include: case studies, in-class exercises, simulations, videos etc.

    Entrepreneurial Skills

    This module will engage the students in activities that foster character building and inculcates in them values like, parsimony, hard work, humility, perseverance, gratitude etc.

    Development of Self (Khudi) through Iqbal for Kids

    These sessions will enable the students to drive inspiration from the national poet of Pakistan, Dr. Allama Iqbal, by reading and reflecting upon his famous writings and excerpts for children.

    Creative Writing

    In this area, we will teach the students the art of writing creative stories both in English and Urdu language. This will enable them to reflect and to develop their creativity and imagination.

    Inspiration from Entrepreneurs

    In order to enhance the understanding of students with real-time practices and innovative approaches we have planned a number of guest speaker sessions who will share their unique experiences followed by experiential learning activities.

  • Technology as a Tool:

    Basic understanding and hands-on learning of Arduino programming, interfacing & Android Application. Mini workshops on Logo & Graphic designing.

    This Module will include the following topics:

    • Arduino Programming & Interfacing
    • Android App. Development
    • Driving Achtuators
    • Sensor Interfacing
    • Interface Development
    • Connection to Hardware

  • Hands-on Activity:

    How about this summer we let your child beat the heat with various exciting and fun-filled activities that will enhance their physical as well as mental capabilities.

    Some of the thrilling activities that we have planned include:

    • Team Building Exercise
    • Puzzle & Quilt Exercise
    • Parsimony Exercise
    • Color Exercise
    • Effectual Dinner
    • Water Management
    • DIT Activities
    • Calligraphy
    • Physical Fitness (Yoga, Aerobics)
    • Gardening & Plantation Drives
    • Sports activity and trainings

  • Learning Hangouts:

    Learning through visual literacy and on-field experience sounds more fun than classroom learning. We have planned a number of community-based field trips which will inculcate amongst the students a sense of empathy and contribution towards their home country, Pakistan.

    Some of those trips include:

    • Old Homes
    • Agricultural Farm House
    • Historical Places & Monuments and more.

NOTE: Students will be taken in IBA Shuttle with armed guards and the management team. Contest form will be signed by parents before each trip.

Program Modules:

Entrepreneurial Mindset:

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset & unleash your kids inner potential

Technology Module:

Convert technical ideas into reality by Programming and Internet of Things (IoT)

Entrepreneurial SDGs:

Preserving the environment, and controlling climate change

Life Skills & Values:

Understanding purpose of life, and incorporating. entrepreneurial, ethical, social and moral values in Kids

Program Details

  • Eligibility• Age 13 to 19 years
  • Duration & TimingsJuly 18th Monday, 2022 - July 27th Wednesday, 2022
    Eight days 09:00 Am to 04:00 Pm
  • Investment Rs.25000/-(Training cost, refreshment, course and activity material, certificate & transport)

Contact Details:

Misbah Amin - Senior Executive - Women Entrepreneurship
Program Coordinator - Summer Entrepreneurship Camp(SEC) for Kids 2022
Email: sec@iba.edu.pk
Mobile: +92 (333) 3044826
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/IBASummerEntrepreneurshipCamp
Room: Room -109, HBL Building, IBA City Campus, Saddar

One discount offer can be availed at a time.
This is a bilingual program and classes will be conducted in both English and Urdu.
It is anticipated that classes will be 5 hours/day however classes may run overtime in some instances.
IBA CED maintains a no refund policy. If you are unable to attend this course, then you will be transferred to the next course on the basis of availability.

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