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Baker Street

Company Overview
Baker Street is THE destination for big, moist, chewy, gourmet cookies; rich and gooey brownies; the most decadent, indulgent cookie cakes/ brownie cakes and a lot more.Baker Street creates unforgettable moments with family and friends through our passion for baking. 

The fact that we use only the finest and most rich ingredients is a testament to our devotion and commitment to providing our consumers with only the most delicious, quality products.

Baker Street products have several characteristics in common: they are always fresh, contain high quality ingredients like premium cocoa beans and dairy butter, feature unusual textures and natural flavors. Consequently, their taste differs greatly from less expensive baked goods, which tend to use artificial flavors and preservatives to achieve a longer shelf-life.

Owner Profile

A full MBA student at IBA and one of the founding members of WEF (Women Entrepreneurship Forum), Uzma Altaf also runs a bakery business from home by the name of Baker Street.

“It is women like Uzma who teach us on a daily basis how important it is to truly love your work. It is only then that one can achieve honest to God staggering results as is displayed by the potential this baker has displayed.”  (Ink Magazine)

Having worked at an MNC for the desserts and oil category after her BBA, Uzma found her bliss in working for herself, in a field she’s been passionate about since age 12.



Company Overview
Goomsa helps people discover, share and interact with local businesses like restaurants, salons, shopping centers and doctors among others as well as enable businesses to attract new customers and solidify relationships with existing ones. It does this through web and mobile platforms where users can find great local businesses and share their opinion and experiences of being there. Users can also be part of a community of like-minded people where they can ask questions, start discussions and create lists of their favorite places to help others. Goomsa will also provide local businesses an opportunity to engage their customers through their pages by replying to their reviews, offering loyalty-based deals and discounts and showcase their products.


-Abdullah Soomro

Abdullah is smart, gets along well with others and maintains a positive outlook on life! He specializes in and holds great interest in digital media and web startups. He co-founded the startup digital media agency ‘Creative Bull’ in late 2011 which provides social media, internet marketing and design and development services.

Abdullah is passionate about entrepreneurship. He has also served as the President of IBA Entrepreneurship Society (IBAES) which received the award of the ‘Best Student Society of Year’ during his tenure. His passion, interest and experience in entrepreneurship have helped him develop an effective understanding of the startup process as well as the best practices and challenges once can face. He has completed his Bachelors in Business Administration with majors in Marketing from Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.  

-Abdul Qadir Bawany
Abdul Qadir is currently working as Senior PHP Developer at Salsoft Technologies and specializes in PHP, back-end and CMS development. In his IT career spanning about 5 years, he has worked on a range of projects for both small and large business. He has a curious mind and looks for new technical challenges to solve. At his workplace, he is recognized for his professional abilities in project development and management with the organizational and supervisory skills to assure successful completion of projects. He holds Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Federal Urdu University with a CGPA of 3.6 on a scale of 4.0. For his outstanding academic performance, he has also been awarded the ‘Gold Medal’ and ‘Best Student Award in 2003 and 2004 respectively by Lakhani Education Management.

-Zeeshan Ahmed
Zeeshan is currently working as Front-End Architect ad UI Developer for Salsoft Technologies. He is a highly experienced website designer and developer and is Code Quality Consultant working on optimization of the code of other developers. In his career spanning more than 6 years, he has provided hand-coded, pixel perfect, semantic, search engine optimized and fast-loading websites. Over time, he has developed excellent skills to understand the exact requirements of clients with very quick turnaround time. Zeeshan holds the Bachelors in Commerce and a Diploma in Software Engineering. 


Silver Sages

Company Overview
Silver Sages studios are a startup specializing in Graphic designing and game programming and its related services. The group was started with the objective of creating a visuals business last April. Our main work cycles around Graphic designing but we’ve also completed two working Windows games to date as well as several software services and web designs as freelance projects. Our current objective is to enhance our graphics design and game programming by beginning on our Virtua Home initiative.



For the first time in Pakistan with the collaboration of distinguished psychologists and students of IBA Karachi, a milestone has been achieved with the formation of IGNITE i.e. the first ever initiative in Pakistan exclusively designed to cater the self discovery needs of Pakistan’s blooming young minds. IGNITE aims to streamline the career choices of our youth with their brimming potential and strengths. Having witnessed the incredible success of psychometric testing in determining the innate potential of the individuals around the world it’s our absolute pleasure to introduce these scientific systems for the benefit of Pakistani students as well.

Ignite Self Discovery Program (ISDP)

ISDP will be conducted at IBA Main campus. It consists of psychometric testing by top psychologists in Pakistan, dynamic group activities, detailed interviews at IBA to determine the actual potential of each student which would serve as the foundation for sound career map development. This program will give students a 360 degree view of their personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and a complete career path based on their potential and core strength.

Ignite will be the first organized attempt in Pakistan to tackle the persistent problem of perpetual mediocrity via psychometric testing and scientific methods. We sincerely hope that no child is excluded from the benefits of this new opportunity which will soon be made available all over Pakistan.

Owners’ Profile:
The six founding members are final year students of BBA. They have different areas of expertise and are using them to run IGNITE very successfully. Each member heads one department in which he is most experienced in order to foster a culture of optimal utilization of resources. The members are:

1) Syed Hassan Razvi
2) Tanveer Moin
3) Syed Hussain Asadullah Naqvi
4) Mohammad Hasan Osama
5) Muhammad Ali Khan
6) Sohaib Khalid Patel




Oratoire is a business venture started with IBA in collaboration with IBA Aman CED. It is an exclusive platform where people, from different walks of life, can come and polish their public speaking, communication and interpersonal skills.

To make Pakistanis the best of Communicators, Oratoire aims to create a level playing field across all segments of the society, for students and professionals from all backgrounds and communities.

It includes following programs
     1. Debate, Discussion, Dialogue
     2. Enroute, Personality Development Program
     3. Maymar –e- Millat

Oratoire sets the stage with the aim to offer multi-dimensional trainings to all those have the passion to represent at various platforms of public speaking because it believes: Public Speaking is not just the use of theatrical gestures and fancy words framed in swishing statements. But it defines and reflects persona, channels the thoughts into eloquence and sets one apart from the crowd.

Owners Profile

Umair Jalil (CEO Oratoire), my competitive spirit and workaholic attitude paved my way towards working in various organizations at a very young age. Public Speaking and Debating are the secret recipe to my success and to conquer it I have participated in several public speaking forums.

Syed Hammad Ullah (Chief Operating Officer), Oratoire to me is a learning platform for everyone who has courage, enthusiasm and passion to learn Public Speaking. At Oratoire, we aim to impart right knowledge and skills to students to make them able to lead the future.

Anas Jalil (Managing Director, Oratoire). Since its inception, the success of Oratoire has become my new purpose of life, not because being a part of it but due to its mission and vision to change the attitudes, behaviors and personalities of the youth of Pakistan.



Stallion Deliveries

Stallion deliveries is an IBA–CED Incubatee Company. Their aim is to revolutionize the supply chain and logistics industry by implementing innovative ideas in order to cater to the requirements of their customers.

The company strives to give its customers the best in the class service so that a client can remain connected with their end-customers in the fastest and the most effective ways.

Stallion Deliveries has grown tremendously in little over a month; starting from an idea in April 2014 to becoming a company now employing 7 people - Stallion Deliveries is growing at a progressive rate. During this short span they have launched many innovative services, including;

Cash On Delivery Service:
Stallion Deliveries has introduced an effective and efficient Cash on Delivery (COD) as our first service. The purpose of this service is to connect the client with their customer in the fastest way possible. To achieve this vision, we made it our mission:

To deliver goods from client to customers within 8 Hours
To provide a cash payback period of less than 24 Hours at no additional charge

On-Campus Deliveries
You don't have to walk a mile anymore. Get anything delivered from Gulshan to your footsteps.

Our Service includes:

-- Food Delivery
-- Stationary Delivery
-- Book Delivery

Send a Smile:
With Stallion Deliveries, send gifts with personalized messages and make everyone smile

Stallion UBP (Utiltiy Bills Payment)

Stallion Deliveries introduces UBP. By using our service you no longer need to stand in long ques to pay your utility bills.

UBP is your complete payment solution.

Our services include:
-- Payment of Electricity bill
-- Payment of water bill
-- Payment of Gas bill
-- Payment of PTCL/ Post pay phone bills
-- Deposit of cheques in bank accounts



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