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Welcome To Women Entrepreneurship Program

Unleashing the power of Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

About us

IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) became the first Center to introduce a first of its kind "Women Entrepreneurship Program" in Pakistan. IBA CED launched a series of Women Entrepreneurship Programs in the past few years with an aim to reach the common Pakistani women irrespective of their educational background and experience. Our experience has shown that even without a strong academic background, a common Pakistani woman has the potential to pursue entrepreneurship in a way that is socially, ethically and environmentally sustainable and which leads to nation building .

Our history

Up till now, more than 600 women entrepreneurs have gone through the entrepreneurial mindset training which helped them discover their entrepreneurial potential i.e. who they are, what they know and whom they know and enabled them to identify the hidden resources around them. This training further enhanced their:

  • Self-Efficacy (khudi)
  • Calculated risk taking capability
  • Leveraging their family resources and networks


The professional standards and expectations

Dr. Shahid Qureshi

Program Director

Neha Ekhlaque

Program Coordinator

Zarrish Afreen

Program Coordinator - SEC

Laraib Ejaz

Program Coordiantor

Mahira Naseer Cheema

Program Coordinator - IEES

Misbah Amin