IBA Hour 13:13: IBA CED podcast

IBA CED is thrilled to launch a podcast featuring incredible entrepreneurs who are shaping the future. Tune in for inspiring stories, valuable insights, and the secrets to entrepreneurial success.

Episode 1 is LIVE, where we unravel the WHY behind our podcast journey, explore the essence of entrepreneurship, startup growth, leadership, empowerment, economic capital, startup competitions, and much more, revealing the incredible benefits that come with it.

Discover what makes us tick, what the podcast should include, and the juicy details about our upcoming episodes!

Dive into Episode 2 of our podcast, featuring the incredible Hamza Abdul Rauf , Co-Founder & Director of Telemart.

Uncover the fascinating tale of his journey in the e-commerce & franchising industry and his mission to inspire the youth.

Don't miss out - hit play now and be part of the conversation!

Dive into the pulse of innovation with the IBA Host Team and our brilliant student podcasters!

IBA CED podcast

Join us on a thrilling ride into the heart of Pakistan's entrepreneurial spirit with IBA Hour!

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