Entrepreneurship Clinics


The Institute of Business Administration's Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) envisions launching an Entrepreneurship Clinic to provide comprehensive support and guidance to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. This initiative aims to foster a culture of innovation, facilitate skill development, and contribute to the growth of sustainable businesses within the region.

This program facilitates the pairing of IBA students, IBA Alumni, IBA CED Alumni and CED incubated startup with seasoned mentors, allowing for personalized guidance tailored to the unique challenges they face.

Mentors contribute valuable expertise, insights, diverse problem-solving strategies, and practical advice on business development and entrepreneurial skills. The mentorship format also opens avenues for networking opportunities and constructive feedback on business plans.

Key Services

Business Consultation:

One-on-one consultations with experienced entrepreneurs and business advisors to discuss business ideas, challenges, and strategies.

Business Consultation

Business Planning Advice:

mentorship to provide development and refinement of business plans, helping entrepreneurs articulate their vision, mission, and operational strategies.

Business Planning Advice

Legal and Regulatory Guidance:

Information and guidance on legal and regulatory requirements for starting and running a business.

Legal and Regulatory Guidance

Financial Management counseling:

Support in financial planning, budgeting, and accessing funding or investment opportunities.

Financial Management counseling

Networking Opportunities:

Facilitating connections with mentors, investors, and other professionals within the business ecosystem.

Networking Opportunities

Training and Workshops:

Access to workshops and training sessions conducted by CED on various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as marketing, finance, and leadership.

Training and Workshops

Target Audience:

The clinic aims to cater to aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses looking for personalized support and guidance to navigate the complexities of business development.

However, it is only open for IBA Student, Alumni, IBA CED Student, IBA CED Incubated Startup.

How we get there:

The clinic opens twice in a week, mentorship is on 1-on-1 basis, and for 30-45 minutes. This program will match businesses with an experienced mentor. The one-on-one mentorship format allows for personalized support tailored to the specific needs and challenges of individual students and incubates, enhancing the effectiveness of the guidance provided.

Apply Now:

We seek applications from interested mentors/coaches and IBA STARTUPS fraternity and be a part of our Student Entrepreneurship Development initiative in transforming IBA into successful entrepreneurial leaders of the future.

Mentor/Coach Registration:
Apply to be a mentor/coach and be a part of our Student Entrepreneurship Development initiative in transforming IBA students, IBA Alumni, IBA CED Alumni and CED incubated startup into successful entrepreneurial leaders of the future!

Mentee Registration:
To register your interest in being coached or get support to accelerate the growth of startup/business through connections to a tribe of mentors.

16th Nov 2023: INVENT 2023 - IBA CED Startup Pitch Competition