Startup Support Program

The SS program is a launchpad to jumpstart your startup and take it to the next level of growth and sustainability. Following are the salient features of Startup Support Program

  • It creates a startup friendly ecosystem in which entrepreneurs learn from each other, industry leaders and IBA faculty
  • It offers immense networking opportunities through industry partnerships, and exhibitions
  • It provides co-working space to support the development and growth of ventures
  • It arranges entrepreneurship-focused events, conferences, and guest speaker sessions to expose the entrepreneurs to diverse perspectives, success stories, and emerging trends in entrepreneurship

Co-working Program

IBA CED offers a co-working space to IBA students, IBA alumni, and members of the broader community, having startups at any stage of the life cycle, who wish to take their startups to the next level. This program provides startups with the resources, and services necessary for an entrepreneurial venture.

The selection process is very simple in which interested startups are required to fill the application form. Shortlisted startups are called for pitch deck before the selection committee and upon selection, the startups are offered space along-with facilities including workstations, meeting room, prayers room, cafeteria, air conditioning service, Wi-Fi connection, uninterrupted power supply, availability of pure drinking water, room cleaning service and opportunity to hire interns.

We charge a subsidized monthly fee of Rs. 12,000 per seat from startups. Also, current students of IBA are offered 30% discount. The co-working contract is signed for a 6-month renewable contract.

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