Training and Development

The IBA CED offers courses that focus on entrepreneurial mindset development, opportunity recognition, business planning, and innovation. It provides students with practical skills and knowledge that are necessary for starting and scaling businesses. We also emphasize on experiential learning opportunities that allow students to apply entrepreneurial concepts in real-world scenarios. We encourage participation in entrepreneurship competitions, hackathons, and business challenges to foster creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Following are the certification programs of IBA CED:

Certificate in Entrepreneurship (CIE)

This is a 12-week certificate program that takes place twice every year. In this program, different modules of management and entrepreneurship are taught. Successful participants will receive a certificate from IBA CED. They will be in a better position to see their entrepreneurial ambitions to fruition.

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IBA Suadagran Entrepreneurship Program (ISEP)

This is a 50-hour certificate course spanning over a period of 8 weeks. This course is specifically designed for Punjabi Delhi Saudagaran community with the support of Delhi Punjabi Saudagaran Foundation (DPSF). The objective of this program is to inculcate entrepreneurial mindset and help the participants to kick-start new business ideas and grow the established businesses.

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Women Entrepreneurship Program (WEP)

This program equips women with the tools that will help them grow their business. The WEP helps women to network and learn about different branches of a business. So far, we have trained more than 1,500 women across Pakistan through our various Women Entrepreneurship Programs (WEP).

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Global Mother's Entrepreneurship Camp

Global Mothers' Entrepreneurship Camp (G-MEC) is a 3 days' interactive workshop which aims to develop entrepreneurial mindset in new generation of Mothers and Female Teachers. G-MEC enables the participants to discover their own hidden potential and understand the characteristics and values of entrepreneurship. This ultimately helps them to develop entrepreneurial mindset in their kids using experiential and situational learning. It's a unique opportunity to learn and experience the change within self and people around you by our proven transformational life skills and over all well-being tool kit. In addition, G-MEC provides an interactive platform to deal with contemporary parenting and teaching issues.

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