Entrepreneurship Summer School (ESS)

International Entrepreneurship Summer School (IESS)

The International Entrepreneurship Summer School (IESS)/FME-1 is an immersive program/course designed for Pakistani and international participants. The aim of this program is to empower people with tools that would help them expand and improve their existing business models or create new venture ideas under the guidance of IBA CED's seasoned faculty.

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The Entrepreneurship Summer School for Kids (ESS) is carefully crafted to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset and spirit among children aged 7-12 years. Entrepreneurship is not only limited to starting a venture but it is a lifestyle which makes individuals better humans with astute decision-making capabilities & knowledge and best within oneself. This immersive camp integrates entrepreneurial mindset and technology education with enjoyable activities to spark creativity and innovative ideas. It is augmented with sports activities and field trips. The program aims to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and skill sets, encouraging youngsters to explore the entrepreneurial thought and action from different angles. The IBA CED has been conducting the Entrepreneurship Summer School (ESS) for Kids since 2014. This year our theme is Technology Entrepreneurship which includes basic electronics, and game development.

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The eight-day IBA CED Entrepreneurship Summer School for Teens 2023 is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of entrepreneurship, mobile app development, and game development for teenagers. This program focuses on the core areas of Entrepreneurship and STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It introduces the participants to the applications of the underlying concepts in these four majors through learning sessions, hands-on activities, and technology-focused projects.

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