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The Center for Entrepreneurial Development at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA CED) promotes entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development in the country. By creating a culture of entrepreneurship and providing support to student-led ventures and the broader community the center plays a crucial role in empowering individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Twice winner of the prestigious USASBE Excellence in Entrepreneurship Innovation and Pedagogy Award (2021 and 2017) from the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) the Center believes experiential learning and training to be fundamental pillars in cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset.

"As the Director of IBA's Center for Entrepreneurial Development, I invite you to immerse yourself in a world of possibilities. Together, let us push boundaries, challenge conventions, and unlock the potential that resides within you. Remember, entrepreneurship is not just a destination—it's a transformative adventure that will shape not only your future but also the world around you. Embrace it, harness it, and let the entrepreneurial spirit guide you to extraordinary heights"

Dr. Lalarukh Ejaz

Dr. Lalarukh Ejaz

By offering relevant courses, workshops, and programs, the Center equips IBA students and early-stage entrepreneurs, with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the entrepreneurial world. These programs cover various aspects of entrepreneurship, including ideation, business planning, marketing, finance, leadership, and more.

In addition to education, the Center provides support through incubation services and an accelerator program to help students and aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable businesses. Through the incubation program, individuals receive guidance, mentorship, networking opportunities and access to various other resources that can facilitate the development and growth of their ventures. This start up support system is invaluable for entrepreneurs who may lack experience or face challenges in navigating the complexities of starting and scaling a business.

By focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation, the center contributes to the overall economic development of Pakistan. Entrepreneurial ventures have the potential to create employment opportunities, drive innovation, and stimulate economic growth. By nurturing and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, the Center helps individuals contribute to the local economy, which, in turn, can have a positive impact on society.

Happening Now

IBA CED Podcast: IBA Hour 13:13

IBA CED is happy to share an exciting news with you - the launch of our much-anticipated IBA Hour Podcast!

IBA CED is thrilled to launch a podcast featuring incredible entrepreneurs who are shaping the future. Tune in for inspiring stories, valuable insights, and the secrets to entrepreneurial success.

IBA CED History

The IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development (IBA-CED) was conceived in 2006 and launched in 2009-2010 with a focus on fostering entrepreneurship and business innovation. The IBA collaborated with Babson College in Massachusetts, USA to enhance the Center's capabilities by providing training in entrepreneurship to selected IBA faculty members.

The subsequent launch of the BBA in Entrepreneurship Program in 2011 demonstrated the Center's commitment to providing specialized education in entrepreneurship, nurturing entrepreneurial mindset and encouraging entrepreneurial thought and action.

Over time, the Center has expanded its training programs to target various key business demographics. By catering to the specific needs of different groups, such as youth, women, family businesses, self-employed individuals, students, employees, and aspiring entrepreneurs, IBA-CED is actively addressing the diverse challenges and opportunities present in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Our vision is to facilitate and foster a culture of creativity and innovation that empowers IBA students as well as the broader community to make meaningful contributions to Pakistan's economy through advances in sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship.


Our mission is to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and spirit in the IBA community to sustain, scale and strengthen Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem and contribute to socioeconomic development of Pakistan.

Impact of IBA CED

IBA CED has impacted cities across Pakistan. With more than 10,500 students and 1,000 faculty members across 25 + cities of Pakistan have benefitted from the CED programs, and in the process more than about 300 businesses have graduated from the IBA CED's incubation program and have created 2,000 direct jobs and 1,400 internships(approximately).

Impact of IBA CED


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The course was unconventional & different in a refreshing and motivating sense.

I am proud that Asqurr stood second in the startup competition by IBA, sponsored by Oxfam. It was such a great opportunity to be part of this competition. I am thankful to IBA CED and Oxfam for organizing this competition.

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